Biological Sciences Professor Publishes Article

Dr. Louis F. Gainey, Jr., a biology professor in the Department of Biological Sciences in the College of Science, Technology, and Health, had his article, "The Effects of Temperature, Season, and Nitric Oxide on Clearance Rates in Isolated Gills of the Heterodont Clams Mercenaria mercenaria and Arctica islandia," published in the December 2011 Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology (Vol. 409, pp. 160-165).

His research centers on how environmental factors, e.g., salinity, heavy metals, phytoplankton and dissolved gases, affect the physiology of clams and mussels. Its currently focused on the neural control of muscle fibers in clam gills and how this control is modulated by nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide. Both of these dissolved gases occur naturally in marine ecosystems in addition to being synthesized by the muscle fibers. This research will lead to an understanding of how exogenous and endogenous factors modulate feeding and respiration in clams.

He is also the chair of the Radiation Safety Committee and a member At-Large of the Faculty Senate.