Maine Food Strategy Project Team

CMHS faculty members are involved in a local food research project. Mark Lapping, Distinguished Professor of Public Policy and Management, together with Samuel Merrill and Barbi Ives from the New England Environmental Finance Center, serve on the project team for the Maine Food Strategy, a phased, multi-year effort to develop a strong, abundant, and resilient food system strategy to enhance value-added production, processing, and distribution of Maine food throughout the state. The initiative will address ways to position Maine as a center of production, create more and better Maine food for Maine people, add job opportunities through appropriate infrastructure, encourage investments in new food development and food entrepreneurs, revamp local food preservation and distribution, and educate communities on proper food preparation.

Research Mission

To support research, scholarship and creative activity to: promote knowledge, discovery and practical application to advance Maine's economy, communities and the quality of life for Maine citizens; to strengthen classroom education and transform the lives of students through real world learning opportunities; and to support faculty and staff commitment to excellence in scholarly accomplishments regionally, nationally and internationally.