An Engineering Student Teacher Team

Dr. Mehrdaad Ghorashi, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering and Jacob Finley, a mechanical engineering major, presented their paper "Effective use of an Undergraduate Research Fellowship for Design and Manufacture of Tools to Assist in Teaching Strength of Materials" at the 120th American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Annual Conference & Exposition held June 23-26 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jacob Finley enrolled in USM in the spring of 2010. His interest in the  mechanical properties of materials caught his attention after taking a class with Dr. Ghorashi and observing the applications of the subject matter. He decided to team up with him and developed a way of demonstrating complex concepts in solid mechanics with easy to understand hands on test set ups. The main issue addressed in the research was to develop ways to demonstrate the mechanical behavior of structures and measure the mechanical properties of materials in a way that is intuitive and easy to understand.

Ghorashi is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Maine. He joined the USM Department of Engineering in 2009 after earning his second PhD on dynamics of nonlinear rotating composite beams with embedded actuators; his first PhD was on dynamics of structures under moving loads. Among the subjects he teaches at USM: strength of materials, statics, dynamics, machine design, machine dynamics, control systems and composites.