North Atlantic Region Initiative

USM-North Atlantic Region Initiative

The University of Southern Maine’s relevance is based on engaging its communities and the University of Maine System campuses in responding to the economic, health, and social needs of Maine citizens, businesses, industries, and communities. It is important for USM to look outward to the larger world in order to build our students’ global competence by preparing them to live and work in a global, diverse, interconnected, interdependent, complex changing world.

USM’s involvement in the North Atlantic takes full advantage of the collective knowledge, experience, and national and international recognition of our faculty and staff in innovations in education and workforce development, research, training, and technical assistance.

As part of this initiative, USM has developed partnerships with Reykjavik University and the University of Iceland for faculty/student exchanges. Click here to see an exciting video about these partnerships.

The three pillars of community engagement activities in our North Atlantic Initiative include:

  • Public Convener: We serve as a public convener to showcase Maine’s economic, education, and cultural successes in the North Atlantic region. Working closely with our partners, we highlight issues of concern for Maine and help identify meaningful policies and solutions to further Maine’s economic growth.
  • Education and Workforce Development: We support faculty and staff to develop highly innovative education and workforce development programs that build our students’ global competence.
  • Research, Training, Technical Assistance: Tapping USM’s research, training, and technical assistance expertise, multidisciplinary teams of faculty, staff, and students are poised to play significant roles in strengthening the state’s competitive advantage in the North Atlantic region in areas important to building a thriving Maine economy.

You can find out more information about USM’s North Atlantic Region Strategic Framework here.