The Power of Design

Currently on display in the Portland Museum of Art, Voices of Design: 25 Years of Architalx features an interactive exhibition that showcases the power of design. It includes a 17-foot-tall tower featuring mulitple levels of screens with images that alternately reveal themselves and disappear. The interactive media featured on the tower was designed and programmed by USM's Professor of Art Raphael Diluzio, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science Stephen Houser, and Visiting Artis Programmer Matthias Oostrik. 

A dynamic image projection lights up two sides of the tower by using projectors embedded in the interior of the tower and infrared light sensors. When touched by an exhibit guest, his/her touch will create a rippling response of the displayed images. There are sound portals on either side of the tower which project tight beams of sound through the use of “holosonic” technology, which can only be heard by the person(s) in the portals.

Exhibition is on display through May 19th, 2013.