Research Administration and Development

Faculty Grant Writing Workshop

Research Administration and Development is offering a faculty professional development workshop in grant writing. The workshop is comprised of three, 3-hour sessions. Dr. Terry Shehata, Coordinator for Institutional and Research Grants Development, and Larry Waxler, Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs, will conduct the workshop.

Grant writing is both a systematic and a chaotic process. You will need to be as organized as possible without becoming so obsessive that you lose the opportunity to incorporate new ideas and new suggestions as they emerge throughout the process. At the end of the workshop you should be able to:
• locate a likely funding source,
• organize a group of individuals to work as a team in writing a proposal,
• write a grant proposal that includes a narrative, a budget, letters of support, and other ancillary materials called for by the funder, and
• assist others in their grant writing activities.

Description of Sessions:

Session 1 will focus on the basics of writing a proposal including identifying potential sources of funding, reading a “Request for Proposals” or federal program announcement, understanding format requirements, policies and procedures, and review criteria, and developing a budget. At the end of this session participants will be asked to prepare for the next session a list of keywords that would describe the essence of their proposal topic in order to facilitate the identification of funding opportunities through online databases.

Session 2 will focus on reviewing sample funding opportunities based on the keywords provided from the previous session. These opportunities will be reviewed carefully and key elements will be highlighted. Teams will be identified and challenged to write, before the final session, a five-page mini-proposal based on the requirements of the funding agency which includes a narrative, a budget, a budget justification and other ancillary materials called for by the funder.

Session 3 will be devoted to critiquing each mini-proposal in terms of consistency with the required format, addressing key elements and topics of the funding agency, tell telling a clear and compelling story, addressing review criteria, and providing a budget that is commensurate with the proposed project. Participants in the workshop who are not involved in the mini-proposal under review will conduct the critique. Recommendations for improving the mini-proposal will be provided to the authors.

Every effort will be made to organize workshops by Schools at the University of Southern Maine. Sessions will be scheduled in the morning or afternoon on consecutive or alternating weeks depending on availability of faculty.