Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) awards funding to undergraduate projects in any discipline.  UROP is a scholarly fellowship that brings together diverse areas of student research and creative activities at the undergraduate level. It is fundamentally a program for student-faculty collaboration with tremendous, mutual intellectual and professional development benefits.

The UROP Program is open to any student who will be enrolled with at least 9.0 credits at USM, during a junior or senior year completed in May.  Applicants much have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above to be considered for the program. 

Participants learn how to collaborate effectively in scholarly settings while investigating areas of research or creative activity within their focus of study at USM. They become fully integrated in USM’s scholarly community, interacting with faculty mentors and fellow undergraduates while participating in seminars, colloquia and other networking events. Most importantly, students become involved in exciting projects that advance their career interests and contribute to the advancement of scholarship in their field.

UROP fellowships include a $600 stipend awarded to faculty mentors, $3000 awarded to each student, to be used in any way he/she wishes, along with $500 in materials/expenses and $400 for travel to conferences/meetings.  It is an incredible opportunity for both student and faculty development, due to the collaborative energy and mutual benefit of the completed scholarship. 

Awardees can opt to begin the program (and stipend payment) in the summer; and the project then continues through the fall and spring semesters.  During the UROP fellowship students are required to attend monthly luncheon meetings (with faculty invited to participate).  These are informal meetings to report on progress, discuss methods, analysis techniques, and simply connect and socialize as student scholars.   

Each spring semester, after the February vacation, the UROP Poster Symposium is held in the Woodbury Center Amphitheater where UROP fellows display their work in progress.  Very often students, with the guidance of their faculty mentors, also present their work at regional and national conferences.

The culminating experience for the UROP participants is the annual Thinking Matters conference, which is held in April of each year. Thinking Matters is the formal event in which the UROP Fellows present their work to the University community, their family and friends, and provides an opportunity for these students to demonstrate their impressive achievements in the UROP Program. Students are also encouraged to present findings at professional conferences or meetings in their disciplines.  Travel funds for this purpose are available but must be listed in their proposal budget.

Please visit the links provided to learn more about selection criteria, budget information and guidelines for submitting applications.  THIS YEARS APPLICATION DEADLINE IS APRIL 15, 2015.

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Research Mission

To support research, scholarship and creative activity to: promote knowledge, discovery and practical application to advance Maine's economy, communities and the quality of life for Maine citizens; to strengthen classroom education and transform the lives of students through real world learning opportunities; and to support faculty and staff commitment to excellence in scholarly accomplishments regionally, nationally and internationally.