Office of Residential Life

Spring 2021 Housing Information

It is very important that all housing applicants and residents check their USM e-mail regularly and often, as our office continues to send timely updates and important processes that need to be understood and followed.  Thank you!

Can I still apply for Spring 2021 housing?
Yes, you can! Please contact our office at if you require housing mid-spring semester. 

Housing cancellations (still enrolled at USM)
Cancellations may be made in writing to After the start of the semester, the fee will be a pro-rated charge for the time the room was occupied, plus 10% of the remaining academic year housing charges, and then a pro-rated refund of the meal plan.

Housing options and de-densification
To comply with best practices recommended by the CDC and the State of Maine, we de-densified housing for Spring 2021. All suites and apartments remain at their normal capacity (most are 4 people, some are 3). All regular double and triple rooms are currently single occupancy.  This is to keep density in the halls down, and reduce the number of people using common bathrooms. 

Campus Connections
Due to Covid-19, campus looks significantly different. You still have access to the support USM has to offer, but many interactions are virtual to keep yourself and the community safe. 

Your Residential Life staff is still here to help. To manage exposure to others, Residential Life will be offering very limited in-person events. We are here for you; it is the ways in which we will engage with you that look different. Offices may be operating on Zoom appointments with limited or no in-person walk-ins. Dining during the academic semester has flexible to-go options, and limited dine-in seating. All support services are operational and accessible, and are coordinated through email, phone conversations, and Zoom.

Zoom Rooms
USM has reimagined and designated several spaces on all three campuses for socially distanced group study, individual quiet study, and Zoom/online course use. USM's designated "Zoom lounges" offer students physical spaces for participating in live Zoom courses and other Zoom-based learning activities. The spaces are socially distanced with WiFi access, and will require the use of headphones and face masks. 

New Policies
Please see our Policies information page for updates and information you need to know living on campus for Spring 2021. New policies have been implemented to mitigate the inherent risks of congregate housing in an effort to keep everyone as safe as possible. We want to be transparent about these as living in a congregate living environment requires additional rules to maintain a higher level of safety.

Why were the housing and dining rates different for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021?
Because the Fall on-campus housing time period was shortened, housing and meal plan rates were at 80% of the original cost.  This was part of an ongoing effort to mitigate any cost impact of Covid-19 for students. 

Spring housing and meal rates, listed below, are at the regular, full semester cost, as campus will be open for a full semester of instruction.  

Room type/meal plan type Fall 2020 Spring 2021
Single/Med Single/Double at double rate $2,140  $2,675
Suites $2,560  $3,200
Apartments $3,000  $3,750
Meal Plan - 10 Meals $1,892  $2,365
Meal Plan - 14 Meals $1,892  $2,365
Meal Plan - 19 Meals $1,952  $2,440

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students granted an exception to stay after November 25th, 2020 were charged for additional room and meal plan costs, as the time between November 25th and December 19th was not covered by the reduced Fall 2020 room and meal charges above.  

What if I need to visit a state that is not exempt from the Governor's quarantine order?
You need to satisfy the current expectations of the state of Maine.  Here is a link from the State of Maine with guidance on these expectations:

You should reach out to Residential Life to let us know about the travel, for guidance on how to satisfy these requirements, and how we can assist with your housing.

Note: Minimizing travel is going to be imperative, both in keeping our community safe, as well as any re-entry to the community. Please make every effort to minimize travel plans outside the state and our USM community. 

What if someone gets sick?
USM has a strong process to respond to any cases of Covid-19 on campus. There are quarantine and isolation procedures to separate students with Covid-19, and those in need of quarantine (example: they are identified as a close contact of someone with Covid-19). If a student is diagnosed with Covid-19, they will be given a space on campus in which to isolate. 

Emergency preparedness
We do encourage all students to be proactive in creating their emergency plan in the event of any emergencies.  Talk to your family or support network about where you would go, and transportation to get there. We also encourage students to consider a “go bag” - to be ready with items important for you, like a change of clothes and a face covering.  This could include a small list of items you’d need to grab, like chargers, technology, medications, and cash or credit/debit cards.

Residential facilities cleaning
The University’s standard detailed cleaning protocols are to combat and kill all viruses and bacteria on surfaces such as, but not limited to, H1N1, HIV, Swine Flu, SARS, MRSA and COVID-19.

Custodial Services will perform expanded disinfection operations to include:

  • Touch point disinfection of campus at least 10x/week (daytime and nighttime)
  • Wide area disinfection of classrooms 5x/week
  • Disinfection of high traffic restrooms at least 10x/week (daytime and nighttime)

The custodial team is adhering to social distancing, wearing masks while in the halls, and frequent hand washing. 

Further important information from USM and the UMS Chancellor