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Gender Neutral Housing

Gender Neutral Housing - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gender Neutral Housing?
Gender neutral housing means the university has not predetermined who can live together based on their gender, gender identification or gender expression. The university is not going to ask students to explain their rationale for wanting to live with another student(s), but as long as the request is mutual and all students involved are matriculated, enrolled students, then they qualify for gender neutral housing. Students will not be asked by the university to identify their own gender during the room selection process. Gender neutral housing is available in most rooms on campus (new for fall 2016!), excluding 1st floor Andrews, 2nd floor Robie Andrews, and 2nd and 3rd floors of Upton Hastings. Students requesting a room to be made Gender Neutral must agree to accept another roommate regardless of gender if one of the roommates moves out, unless all students remaining wish to reclassify the room as a single gender.

Why is Gender Neutral necessary?
Gender neutral housing meets a need for some of our students that up to now did not fit into our gender binary housing restrictions. We have historically been asked by students and parents to expand our housing options to accommodate opposite sex siblings, opposite sex friends, opposite sex partners (married and unmarried) and transgender students. We think this option mirrors the housing opportunities available to students off campus but with the added convenience of on-campus life. 

Is Gender Neutral Housing just for upper-class students?
No!  We have gender neutral housing options for students at all class levels. 

Why aren't all the rooms on campus Gender Neutral?
This is for the same reason that we are offering gender neutral rooms. We want to give our students a very diverse choice of housing options, ranging from single gender housing on single gender floors on one end of the continuum through gender neutral housing on the other end.

What if I want to live in a Gender Neutral room and my parents don't want me to, or vice versa?
That is a conversation that needs to occur between parents and students. We would be willing - at the request of the student, and as long as space was available - to move a student out of a gender neutral room if a serious conflict occurred between them and their parents.

I have other questions that were not answered here. Who can I contact?

The coordinator for the Center for Sexualities and Gender Diversity, Sarah Holmes, can help with many inquiries. Contact her at or 207-780-5767. Housing questions not answered above may be directed to Residential Life,