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Honors Living Learning Community

Honors LLC

The Honors community is for intellectually curious students seeking a fun campus experience while living among students with a shared interest in learning. Honors students interact closely with professors and peers in small, interdisciplinary seminars such as Medicine and Literature; Nature, Society, and Self; Culture, Identity, and Education; Myths, Monsters, and Metamorphoses; and Race: Reflection and Reality. Honors courses help students achieve the confidence that comes from honing their own ideas through writing and dialogue.

Pioneers is a STEM track within the USM Honors Program. Through Pioneers, the Honors Program is empowering a new generation of scientists, information technology specialists, engineers, and mathematicians. Pioneers engage in advanced curriculum and innovative co-curricular programming to maximize their education and growth, at USM and beyond!

All Honors and Pioneers track students need:

  • A combined SAT of 1150 or higher
  • A 3.5 or B+ GPA average at the high school level

As a member of the Honors Community you can take your HON EYE course where you live and quickly become friends with other engaged students. Imagine knocking on a classmate’s door when you have a question or conversing over dinner about ideas sparked in class. Enrich your Honors experience in a friendly, open-minded environment where you can join in service activities, hang out with friends, or pursue your own passions.  Visit for more information.

Required LLC HON Course options for fall 2017 TBA.