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Residential Life Leadership Opportunities

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)


The University of Southern Maine (USM) Chapter of National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is the Gorham campus-based student group focused on leadership, scholarship, recognition, and service.  Members represent the top 1% of students on USM’s campus. Inducted USM NRHH Chapter members meet regularly to recognize and create service events. The USM-based chapter is affiliated with the world’s largest student-run organization, the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH).  For more information about NRHH, please visit:

Interested in joining NRHH?  Email Chapter Advisors: and

Hall Events Board (HEB)

Student-led, making your hall a home-away-from-home:  Every residence hall has a Hall Events Board (HEB). HEB plans and hosts events specifically for their hall, including but not limited to: movie night, haunted hall, video game tournaments, cookie decorating, and bbqs.  To get involved with the HEB in your residence hall, contact your Hall’s Lead Resident Assistant or your Resident Director to get connected.

Student Activities Leadership Opportunities

Gorham Campus Activities Board (GCAB)

Ever wonder who brings hypnotists, comedians, bands, and the fun and games to the University of Southern Maine Gorham Campus? That's GCAB, here to help students get involved and love living on campus. Meetings are every Monday at 7PM in the Husky Center (meeting room outside the Cafe).

Orientation Leaders (OL)

Orientation Leaders (OL) are an exciting leadership opportunity for undergraduate students! OLs are student leaders who will play a vital role helping new students and families acclimate successfully to the USM community during their Fall Orientation experience. OLs will work directly with Student Affairs staff to help guide new students and their families through a range of experiences, by assisting in the facilitation of educational workshops, leading campus tours, and running special events and programs, all the while helping to build strong peer-to-peer connections.

Visit their website for more information!

Pack Leaders (PL)

Pack Leaders (PL) have a longstanding tradition of being the first friendly faces that new students and their families meet in Gorham during Fall Orientation and Welcome Weekend Festivities. Pack Leaders help create a positive experience for new students by directing traffic, answering questions, assisting with move-in, unloading cars, and running events during Fall Orientation and Welcome Weekend. Being a Pack Leader is a great way to develop leadership skills with less of a time commitment than being an Orientation Leader.

Visit their website for more information!

People: Staff and Support Opportunities

Front Desk Workers

Front Desk Workers are student members of the Residential Life team who help build a safe community, encourage campus involvement, and serve as a resource to residents and guests.  Front Desk Workers are on nightly during the academic year and are stationed at the front entrance of every residence hall. Students with work study funds are welcome to apply for this position by contacting their Resident Director.

Academic Mentor (AM)

Every residence hall has an Academic Mentor (AM) to help support you with your academics.  Each AM can help you identify campus resources so you can perform your best. AMs also host helpful programs, designed with residents’ interests in mind, and can vary from study sessions to how to navigate course registration.  Contact Residential Life for more information about becoming an Academic Mentor.

Resident Assistant (RA)

Every floor at USM has a student paraprofessional staff member.  Every Resident Assistant (RA) builds community on their floor by talking with residents, creating engaging bulletin boards, interactive programs, and more!  If you have any questions about life at USM, academic or otherwise, RAs either have the answer or can connect you with those who do. Interested in becoming an RA?  Talk with your current RA, Resident Director, or Residential Life for more information!

Lead Resident Assistant (LRA)

A Lead Resident Assistant (LRA) is an RA and more!  LRAs help develop leaders in their buildings by overseeing their building’s HEB and Front Desk Workers, and supporting RA development.  LRAs have typically completed a year or more as a traditional RA before applying for this position.