Office of Residential Life

USM Residence Hall Contract Terms and Conditions 2019/2020

University of Southern Maine Residence Hall and Board Contract Terms and Conditions Fall 2019-Spring 2020

This Contract is for the full academic year, which runs from fall 2019 semester through the end of the spring 2020 semester. Please read terms and conditions carefully before signing the Contract Application.

The residence hall contract is a license agreement between the University of Maine System, acting through the University of Southern Maine (“University”) and the individual student living in the residence hall (“resident”). It entitles the resident to the use of the residence hall accommodations only in such a manner as set forth herein. Transfer or assignment of this contract is prohibited. This contract is for room and board (meal plan). A board plan (meal plan) is required of all residential students, except those housed in apartments. Residents must be currently enrolled and matriculated at the University of Southern Maine. Undergraduate students must be enrolled for 12 or more credits, and graduate and Law students must be enrolled for 6 or more credits per semester. Students with less than the required credits may only reside on campus with written approval by the Office of Residential Life. Residents must comply with all U.S.M. Policies and Residence Hall Policies, and they are expected to conform to standards of conduct which are consistent with the educational objectives and priorities of the University. Any exceptions to this contract must be approved, in writing, by the Office of Residential Life.

A.  This contract, when signed and submitted to Residential Life, is binding for the entire academic year (fall semester and spring semester) or the remainder of the academic year if entering after the beginning of the fall semester, and this contract is non-transferable. The University reserves the right to make adjustments (reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees) to the estimated charges, expenses and requirements, up to the start date for a given academic term. The applicant acknowledges and agrees to the financial terms and conditions of the University by the submission of an application.

B.  REFUND INFORMATION: If a student requests to withdraw from their room and board plans but NOT classes:

  1. Withdrawing from the room and board contract before June 1, 2019 will be at no cost. For students with a Spring only housing contract, cancellation before January 1, 2020 will be at no cost.
  2. Withdrawing from the room and board plan after June 1, 2019 and prior to August 15, 2019 will result in a $75 housing cancellation fee, or forfeit of deposit paid. For students with a Spring only housing contract, cancellation after January 1, 2020 but prior to January 15, 2020 will result in a $75 housing cancellation fee or forfeit of deposit paid.
  3. Withdrawing from housing after August 15th, 2019 but prior to the end of the 4th week of the first semester of occupancy: Student will be charged for one half the full semester room rate, board plan will be prorated, and student will be released from the spring semester, if applicable.
  4. Withdrawing from housing after the end of the 4th week (September 30, 2019 through the end of the Spring semester): Student will be charged the full room rate for the remaining academic year, and the board plan will be prorated. Please note that if a student will continue to be a full time (12 credits) student in the Spring semester, they cannot terminate their contract at no penalty.
  5. If a housing assignment is made after the official cancellation deadline, the student can cancel within 48 hours of the assignment email being sent at no penalty as long as they have not moved in or used their meal plan. The cancellation must be made in writing.
  6. If a student is withdrawing from their room and board plans AND withdrawing from all classes:
  • Withdrawal prior to the end of the second week (14 days) 100% room refund.
  • Withdrawal prior to the end of the fourth week (28 days) 75% room refund.
  • Withdrawal prior to the end of the sixth week (42 days) 50% room refund.
  • Withdrawal prior to the end of the eighth week (56 days) 25% room refund.
  • Withdrawal after the eighth week (57 days and after) 0% room refund.

Meal plan refunds will be based on week of last meal eaten, meal plan dollar amount remaining, and proper room check-out. Failure to check-out properly will incur additional meal plan charges dating from week of last meal eaten to the date Residential Life is notified of the resident’s departure. The provisions above hold true unless the student is released from the contract in writing by the Office of Residential Life. Residents removed from University housing for disciplinary reasons are ineligible for room refunds. Meal plans for students in apartments must be cancelled before the first day meal plans begin to receive a full credit. If the meal plan is cancelled in the first two weeks of the Fall board period, they will receive a 90% refund, and after the second week meal plans cannot be cancelled. If a student moves into an apartment after the first week, they have a one week window to cancel their meal plan.

C.  Residents may not occupy or deliver items to their rooms or suites prior to the official opening date. The official opening date for new residents is different from the official opening date for returning residents. Residents whose presence on campus is required by an office, department or organization to assist with the opening of the University may be granted permission to arrive early, though they may have a temporary assignment before the official move-in date. Requests for residents to return early must be made in writing to the Office of Residential Life by the appropriate office, department or organization for review and possible approval. 

D.  Residents must vacate their rooms within 24 hours after their last examination, or no later than 5pm on the last day of finals week, whichever comes first. Graduating seniors and graduate students receiving advanced degrees should review the Hall closing notices distributed to their residence hall for details and exceptions. In the case of withdrawal, suspensions, or dismissals, residents must vacate by the deadline given by the Director of Residential Life or designee.

E.  Residents must notify the Office of Residential Life if they plan to arrive after the official opening date for University housing. Housing assignments will not be held longer than 5 business days past the first day of classes. After that time, students forfeit their housing assignment, or may be reassigned to another available space.

F. In some cases, residents may be assigned to rooms beyond designed capacity. Residents will receive a 20% discount on the normal room rate for that space. If space becomes available, residents will be offered the option to move to a regular occupancy room or turn their current space into a regular occupancy room at a pro-ration as of the time of the move.

G.  The student agrees that rooms shall be used only as student living rooms and that no commercial operations shall be carried on therein, except as provided under license issued by the University. The University and resident mutually agree that this document constitutes a license and not a lease. The resident agrees that continued compliance with the rules and regulations of the University (available in the Student Conduct Code), the residence hall policies, and state law, fire, safety, and health regulations is a condition of this contract. Sanctions for failure to observe the terms and conditions of the Residence Hall Contract may include, but are not be limited to, termination of the contract and/or removal of the resident from the residence hall.

H.  The University reserves the right to consolidate vacancies by requiring residents to move from under-occupied spaces to other accommodations in the same or different residence hall. The University reserves the right to make reassignments to different residence halls or rooms for the benefit of the individual resident or the University. This includes, but is not limited to, reasons of health or safety; repair services; disciplinary actions caused by the resident; or for unresolved incompatibility of roommates as determined by Residential Life staff. In rooms that are not filled to capacity, the remaining resident(s) may receive a roommate.

I.  Rooms are inspected periodically throughout the academic year. The University reserves the right to enter a resident’s room without notice at any time for the purpose of inspecting the premises, or when an authorized agent of the University has a reasonable belief that: an occupant may be physically harmed or endangered; damage is being done to University property; housekeeping, maintenance and/or repair is necessary; and/or University policy, a provision of this contract or a subsequent written notice is being violated.

J.  Residents assigned to a given room will be held financially responsible for damage, loss, or cleaning beyond normal wear and tear to the room and its furnishings. Residents are liable for any damage that they cause to University property. Residents agree not to modify or allow modifications of the room or other parts of the building without prior written approval from their Resident Director. University property, including equipment and furnishings, must not be moved from the assigned area within the residence hall without authorization from Residential Life. Residents assigned to a given hall will be financially accountable for damage or excessive cleaning in common areas of that hall where responsibility can not be determined. The Office of Residential Life reserves the right to hold the occupants of a floor or hall responsible for such damages.

K.  The University of Southern Maine provides no insurance for personal possessions. Students must have their own property insurance or be included under their family’s property insurance policy.

L.  All room changes must be pre-approved by Residential Life. Both a Room Condition Report (RCR) and a Resident Action Form (RAF) must be completed and submitted and proper check-out procedures must be followed. Failure to comply with room change policies or proper check-out procedures from original room may result in a $50 fee as well as a $120 lock change fee.

M.  Residents who do not vacate on time will be charged a $50 fee and a $35 daily room rent until the student fully vacates the room, including removing all items. Fall residents with written approval to cancel their housing contracts at the end of the fall semester, or residents who are withdrawing at the end of the fall semester must vacate their on campus housing by 24 hours after their last fall semester final or by 5pm on the last day of the fall semester, whichever comes first. For Spring semester, residents must vacate their on campus housing by 24 hours after their last Spring semester final or by 5pm on the last day of the Spring semester, whichever comes first. Failure to return assigned room key during check-out will result in a $120 lock change fee.

The University of Maine System does not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, including transgender status and gender expression, national origin, citizenship status, age, disability, genetic information or veteran’s status in employment, education, and all other programs and activities. USM shall comply with Section 504, Title IX, and the ADA in employment, education, and all other areas of the University. The University provides reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities upon request. Contact the Disability Services Center to request an accommodation.