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Linda Meyer

Linda  Meyer


G24 Masterton Hall, Portland Campus

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Phone: 207-780-4654

Dr. Meyer received her Ph.D. in Education, with emphases in the Psychology of Disability, Special Physical Education, and Therapeutic Recreation from the University of Connecticut. Her teaching specialties are recreation program development and inclusive and specialized recreation. Her scholarship focus is recreation assistive technology. Over her career she has researched and developed dozens of assistive devices that provide persons with disabilities access to recreation. She also serves as director of the USM Recreation Assistive Technology Exchange (RATE) which provides information about assistive devices and specialized recreation opportunities to Mainers and other interested persons. She is certified as a “Parks and Recreation Professional” (CPRP) by the National Recreation and Park Association. 

Nature-based Tourism at USM

Enrollment in the Nature Tourism Minor can increase your understanding and enjoyment of nature while enhancing future employment opportunities in ecotourism and adventure recreation businesses, wilderness equipment outfitters, or organizations that focus on environmental education.

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