Russell Scholars Program

Mother Enrolls In Russell Scholars--Daughter Follows

Gabby and her mom

Mother Enrolls In Russell Scholars--Daughter Follows

In Spring 2019, when Sarah Taylor, of Westbrook, ME, enrolled in a Russell Scholars Creative Writing course, little did she know that her daughter, Gabby, would soon become a Russell Scholar, too. 

Sarah is pursuing her bachelor’s degree now that her three children are in school. “I was nervous about college, especially after so many years of not studying. When my adviser recommended  Russell Scholars Creative Writing, I learned that the program is a learning community on the Gorham campus, near my home.”

Sarah greatly enjoyed the class, taught by Elizabeth Dodge and Tim Wooten. “It was a small group--and very personal. I was encouraged to collaborate with other students. The program felt like family.”  

Upon hearing that Sarah’s older daughter, Gabby, then a senior at Westbrook High School, was looking at colleges, Elizabeth and Tim invited them to attend “All Hands,” a Russell Scholars community meeting and pizza party. At the get-together, Gabby also noticed the welcoming nature of the program: “The teachers knew the whole group by name.” Shortly after, she decided to attend USM and join Russell Scholars. 

Gabby, a residential student, especially enjoys dorm life. “We all help each other with our assignments and have fun together, too.” Like her mom, she says Russell Scholars “feels like family.”