Russell Scholars Program

VIDEO: Russell Scholars Alumni

The Russell Scholars Program held an alumni luncheon on November 5, 2011.

Attending were: 

Elizabeth Adams  2004

 Joseph Cerny  2008

 Rachel Church 2009

 Allison Cook  2005

 Paul Cunningham 2000

 Denise Duffy  2010

 Ariel Epstein 2006

 Hadje Esmiller  2007

 Ashley Franck Esmiller  2007

 Sarah Jensen Farwell  2005

 Jessica Hadley  2010

 Michael Hoffman  2010

 Jessica Price  2008

 Andre Tranchenmontagne  2005

 Casey E. Webster  2009

 Sarah Weightman  2006

 Charles J. Wesley  2006

Also attending were past and present RSP faculty: Dr. Robert Atkinson, Elizabeth Dodge, Dr. Irwin Novak, Dr. Steve Romanoff, Dr. Judy Tizon. Attending guests were: Assoc. Provost Dr. Dahlia Lynn, Dr. David Champlin, Dr. Adele-Baruch-Runyon, and Jennifer Joacquin (Paul Cunningham).

A Russell Scholars Alumni Facebook page has been set up by Sarah Farwell to which we hope all RSP alums will subscribe and post info and pictures.