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Study Abroad

The Russell Scholars Program offers exciting opportunities to study abroad, which are an excellent way for students to grow as individuals.

“The faculty make difficult subjects interesting and highly informative”

“I wish I had traveled abroad earlier.”

Russell Scholars are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities during their studies at the University.

Some of the abroad studies offered are given below.

Lesvos, Greece

Writing and Myth: A Creative Writing Workshop in Greece

May 20-June 4, 2011

RSP 399 (3 credits)

Greece! the birthplace of the epic, of lyric poetry, music, philosophy (home to the Olympian gods!) and the perfect place to find inspiration for creative writing. In this three-credit class, you will write in prose or poetry and produce regular drafts of work as well as a final portfolio. You will attend daily workshop sessions, talks on craft, and guest lectures and readings by contemporary Greek writers. Course themes will include myth, personal odysseys, Greek culture both ancient and modern and other themes as they spontaneously develop.

The program will start with two nights in Athens, where you will have the opportunity to visit the Parthenon on the Acropolis and the Benaki Museum, and meet with a contemporary Greek writer. Then we will move to the island of Lesvos for the remainder of the 15 days. There will be time for walks in the stunning village of Molyvos, a day trip to the birthplace of the ancient lyric poet, Sappho, and maybe even an optional donkey ride! The program is open to students and community members at all writing levels.

Accommodations on Lesvos will be at the Aphrodite Hotel, in the historic village of Molyvos. Services include a pool, seaside taverna, van runs to the village center. Wi-Fi and mini fridges are available in rooms. In Athens, we will stay at the centrally located Acropolis View Hotel.



Wroxton, England

This Winter Session program to Wroxton, England offers students the opportunity to study humanities in the heart of England. Two team-taught interdisciplinary courses integrate English literature, history, art, religion, politics and government. While this program is co-sponsored by The Russell Scholars Program at USM, it is open to all students who meet the stated prerequisites.

In addition to time spent in London visiting some of London's historic attractions, educational trips are planned to Banbury, Warwick Castle, Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Wroxton College is located in the quitessential English village of Wroxton in the rural heart of England north west of London. The college is housed in an exceptionally beautiful, completely modernized 17th century manor house once home to Henry James. Wroxton College is an overseas campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University.



The following two courses must be taken together for 6 credits. Additional class time will be scheduled prior to the departure to England and after the return.

RSP 300 England and the Humanities
This course will examine the interrelationships among English literature, history, art, politics, and religion. Students will read and discuss the prose, poetry, and drama from several English periods. Wroxton's convenient proximity to Shakespeare's Stratford-on-Avon will allow students to visit Royal Shakespeare Theatre, as well as other significant sites of England's literary history such as Oxford, Bath, and London.
RSP 305 Britain: Interaction of Culture and Politics
This course is part of a special inter-disciplinary program intended as a helpful companion to finding oneself not only in a foreign country, but also in a foreign culture. It has been specially designed to introduce learning community students to the cultural life-style and political environment of contemporary Britain, and to set these in their necessary context.

Program Requirements

This program is open to any student who meets the academic prerequisites for these courses which are ENG 100C or RSP 100C and a minimum of 24 earned undergraduate college credits. To participate in any travel abroad program through USM, students must have at least a 2.5 GPA or obtain the permission of the instructor. Students are accepted by application only.

Program Costs

The cost includes tuition, airfare to and from London, England from Portland, Maine, room and board at Wroxton, hotel costs in London, scheduled in-country travel, site visits and trips while at Wroxton, the international student identification card (for matriculated students only), and emergency medical evacuation and trip insurance. Not included in the cost of this program are items such as the cost of books, passports, academic supplies, all regular USM academic fees, medical insurance, food and site fees while in London, and other personal expenses.

Financial Aid

Federal financial aid and loans are available to students who participate in this program. In order to receive the benefit of financial aid, please apply as early as possible. Winter Session is considered part of fall registration. If you have questions about financial aid, please contact the financial aid office at (207) 780-4166. If you are not a matriculated student at USM, please check with the financial aid office at your institution.