Social and Behavioral Sciences

Jason White Ed.D.

Lecturer of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Office Location

Rm 162C

Faculty Office Hours Summer 2019

By appointment



Academic Degrees

  • University of New England, EdD in Educational Leadership
  • MS in Educational Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis, University of Southern Maine
  • BA in Social Sciences, University of Maine at Augusta
  • AA in General Studies, Pikes Peak Community College


As an accomplished social scientist and practitioner, currently working in the field, I find that I truly enjoy working with students as they embark on their academic journey. Though I have only been teaching since January 2017, it was not too long ago that I was working on my Associates Degree, inspired to continue my journey, by those who imparted their knowledge and experience to me. The following are some quotes/maxims I enjoy and what they mean to me:

“Drink deep, or taste not”-Alexander Pope

            Personal meaning: Embrace and master your studies.


You are judged on your writing more than anything else-Professor Jack Six, UMA

            Personal meaning: Writing is the most important way to communicate.


Teaching the process will lead to the discovery of the philosophy-B.F. Skinner, Harvard

            Personal meaning: The scientific/research method will reveal life’s truths.


About 65% of statistics are made up on the spot (including this one)-Todd Snider

            Personal meaning: Do your own research and think for yourself.

Areas of Expertise

Organizational and Leader Behavior

Areas of Scholarship

  • Organizational and Leader Behavior
    • Most leadership studies research focuses on follower behavior; I feel there is a lack of research on leader behavior and more research is needed on this subject.
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
    • I really enjoy studying behavior theory and how it applies to every day life and work. I particularly enjoy Watson, Skinner, Mace, Fisher, Daniels, and Luthans.
  • Grant writing
    • Being awarded a grant is almost as satisfying as being awarded a college degree!

Recent Publications

White, J. (2018). Leader behavior theory. Manuscript in preparation.

White, J. (2017). Northern New England-Practice Transformation Network Information Technology

            Grant. Augusta, ME: Maine Behavioral Health Organization.

White, J. (2016, May 17). HIN-SIM Behavioral Health Initiative Monthly Meeting. Webinar hosted by

HealthInfoNet, 125 Presumpscot Street, Portland, ME.

White, J. (2016, November 21). Behavioral health homes. Lecture at Cross Building, Augusta, ME.

White, J. (2014). Journal of a 2nd lieutenant in Iraq with the 133rd battalion. Solon, ME: Polar

            Bear and Company.

White, J. (2013). Submission response to “Value Based Purchasing RFI”. Augusta, ME: Maine             Behavioral Health Organization.

White, J., & Richardson, M. (2015). Coordinated parenting and substance abuse treatment services RFP.    Augusta, ME: Maine Behavioral Health Organization.

White, J., & Cobb, C. (2014). HealthInfoNet’s state innovation model RFP: Behavioral health

HIT reimbursement application. Augusta, ME: Maine Behavioral Health Organization.

Professional Activity

Chief Executive Officer of Maine Behavioral Health Organization; Board Chair of the Governor Baxter School for the Deaf and Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (appointed by the Governor); Owner and managing director of Prep Group, LLC (Research Firm).