Social and Behavioral Sciences

Spotlight on Spring Course

Doctors Carol Nemeroff (LAC) and Bruce Thompson (Psychology) are 
offering a cross-listed course this semester, SBS 399 - Human Factors in 
Regulatory Compliance and Social Policy.
  No, it's not the most 
thrilling title, but it's a course that explores everything from 
cognition and neuroscience, to philosophy and law that relates to how 
we humans react to being controlled, legally manipulated...but also 
socialized to be cooperative, pro-social and responsible citizens.  Dr. 
Nemeroff and Dr.Thompson have collaborated with Reykjavik University to 
bring this course to their Psychology and Business students as well, who 
will be able to interact online with USM students on a set of 
fascinating international issues relating to research, business 
commerce, education and other areas.