School of Business

Amarpreet Kohli

Associate Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management

Office Location

221 Luther Bonney

Faculty Office Hours Spring 2019

Tue. and Thu. 11:45 am-1:00 pm, or by appointment



Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D., University of Louisville, KY 2005
  • M.B.A., All India Management Association, Delhi, India 2000
  • B.S., R.V College of Engineering, Bangalore University, India 1994


“After decades of decline, manufacturing is gaining strength in the US, returning jobs to our shores and creating new ones–making this a good time to prepare for a career in operations management.”

- Amarpreet Kohli, Associate Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management, USM School of Business


Why, after decades of decline, is manufacturing now gaining steam in the US? Understanding the factors at play and the issues affecting manufacturing here and abroad is the focus of Dr. Amarpreet Kohli’s research and teaching at USM’s School of Business.

Recent Publications

Kohli, A.S. & Peng, C. (2017) – Factors affecting willingness of Industries to adopt RFID, International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 24-43

Kohli, H.K., Ross, F., Kohli, A.S. & Peng, C. (2016). Universal-Diverse Orientation of Business, Education, and Social Work students, International Journal of Management in Education, Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 111-130

Kohli, A. S. & Hawkins, E. (2015). Motivators to adopt Green Supply Chan Initiatives, International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, Volume 8, Issue 4, October-December, Pages 1-13

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Kohli, A. S. & Jensen, J. (2010). Assessing Effectiveness of Supply Chain Collaboration: An Empirical Study. Supply Chain Forum: An International Journal, 11(2), 2-16.

Kohli, H. K., Kohli A. S., Huber, R., & Faul, A. (2010). Assessing Cultural Competence in Graduating Students. International Journal of Progressive Education, 6(1), 6-27.

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Kohli, A. S., Alexander, S., & Gupta, M. S. (2008).  A Dynamic Simulation Study to Assess the Impact of Collaboration on the Performance of a Supply Chain Subject to a Variety of Demand Environments, The Journal of Management and Engineering Integration, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 73 – 87

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Professional Activity

Dr. Kohli brings extensive experience in sales and distribution, technical support and product development for multinational companies in India and the US to his courses in operations management, supply chain management and applied business analysis. “More than half of today’s jobs are in operations management or related fields––a compelling reason for our business students to choose this field of study.”

Dr. Kohli has published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, including Supply Chain Forum: An International JournalJournal of Management and Engineering IntegrationTechnovation: The International Journal of Technological Innovation and many others. He is an active member of several professional associations and has presented at several national and international conferences.