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Business Analytics

The School of Business at the University of Southern Maine is proud to announce Business Analytics - a new program in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. A minor in Business Analytics is also available.


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that management analysts have a much faster than average job outlook through 2024 with a 14% growth rate. McKinsey Global Institute reports that the United States alone faces a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep analytical skills as well as 1.5 million managers and analysts to analyze big data and make decisions based on their findings.

Fall 2018

Start this fall if you have successfully completed statistics (MAT 120, 210 or other) with a C or higher. If you are interested in the program and plan to graduate in Spring 2020 or later, you are strongly advised to register for the Fall 2018 section of BAN 300 – Foundations of Data Management. It is the prerequisite course for the rest of the major.


The business analytics major (15 credits) prepares business administration students for a range of management analyst positions.  

The major is designed to teach the theoretical and practical aspects of Business Analytics through a curriculum focused on the theoretical, technical, and communication components required in the business analytics field. The goal of the major is to educate students who can successfully fulfill the roles and responsibilities of the rapidly growing field related to business analytics. Through the curriculum, graduates will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to obtain employment as business analysts. 

All BAN courses are asynchronous online 

Required BAN Courses (12 credits)

  • BAN 300 – Foundations of Data Management (*Fall 2018)

Data Management is the art of acquiring data and preparing it for analysis. This course serves as the entry course for the Business Analytics major at USM and will provide students with hands-on experience extracting, tidying, analyzing data, and communicating results through reports and visualizations. Data management is a core skill for all business analysts that is highly valued by industry. Prerequisite: MAT 210 or other approved statistics course - see for approved courses (C- or higher grade). Cr. 3.

  • BAN 340 - Data Mining for Business Analysts (*Fall 2019)

Data mining is the process of discovering patterns in data to obtain actionable insights. This course will use real-world data and popular analytic techniques, including clustering and decision trees, to solve business problems and support managerial decisions. Prerequisite: BAN 300. Cr. 3

  • BAN 350 – Text and Social Media (*Spring 2019)

Mining structured and unstructured data is critical for better decision making by deriving insights from a variety of data repositories. This course introduces how text analytics techniques can be used to improve decision making in different business applications by implementing the fundamental principles and techniques of natural language processing and text mining, mostly from social media data. It uses real-world examples and cases to place text-mining techniques in context. Prerequisite: BAN 300. Cr. 3.

  • BAN 360 – Predictive Business Analytics (*Spring 2019)

Predictive business analytics is the scientific process of predicting future probabilities and trends. It also strives to find relationships in data that may not be readily apparent with descriptive analysis. This course introduces students to quantitative prediction methods such as time series forecasting, classification, and clustering in a practical and hands-on fashion. Prerequisite: BAN 300. Cr. 3. 

Plus an experiential business analytics course (3 credits) (choose one):

  • BAN 395 – Internship in Business Analytics (every semester)

This is the first internship course in business administration. Prerequisites: junior standing, 2.33 GPA or higher, and permission of a School of Business advisor and instructor. Enrollment is limited to School of Business majors and minors who have not completed degree requirements. Majors are limited to a maximum of nine internship credits toward the degree; minors are limited to a maximum of three internship credit hours. Cr 3.

  • BAN 400 – Business Analytics Practicum (Spring 2020)

Students will learn team-based analytics and participate in a local business analytics challenge or a Kaggle or DataDriven analytics competition. Prerequisites: BAN 300, BAN 360. Cr 3.

  • Other approved online analytical experiential learning course

*indicates the first offering of courses that are planned to be offered annually. These courses are in addition to the business core and non-business core requirements. A complete description will be in the Fall 2018-Spring 2019 undergraduate catalog.


Minor in Business Analytics– available to non-School of Business majors.

Required (19 credits) - all BAN courses are asynchronous online 

  • MAT 120 Introduction to Statistics (C- or higher) or approved statistics course (
  • BAN 300 Foundations of Data Management
  • BAN 340 Data Management for Business Analytics
  • BAN 350 Text and Social Media Analytics
  • BAN 360 Predictive Business Analytics
  • Select one experiential business analytics course from below:
    • BAN 395 Internship in Business Analytics
    • BAN 400 Business Analytics Practicum
    • Other approved online analytical experiential learning course