School of Business


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: May I enroll in any School of Business courses as a non major?
No undergraduate student, unless accepted into a major in the School of Business, is allowed to take more than 30 credit hours in business courses under any circumstances. The undergraduate business program has the responsibility of monitoring the implementation of this requirement. No student may pursue more than one minor offered by the School of Business.

Students who are not majoring within the School, having fewer than 28 credit hours in business courses, may enroll in 300-level or higher courses provided they meet one of the following criteria:

  • They have declared a major that requires the course.
  • They have been admitted to a School of Business minor that requires the course.
  • They are admitted to a School of Business certificate program that requires the course.
  • The course fulfills a cluster requirement for the USM general education.
  • They have approval from the Associate Dean or Director of Academic Administration for the School of Business.

Q: What happens if I enroll in the same course more than once?
Any School of Business major or minor who has enrolled in an ACC, FIN, BUS, or RMI course more than twice must, before continuing in that course, complete and have approved by the Department chair, a course condition form (available from the School of Business office). Failure to do so may result in course credit disqualification. A Federal Financial Aid policy states that if a student passes a course - according to the catalog-definition of "pass" as "D-" or higher - they can use financial aid to pay for ONE repeat of that course. Subsequent repetitions are ineligible for financial aid, and would then need to be paid by other means. Please see the USM Financial Aid website for more information.

Q: My advisor told me as a business major I need computer proficiency. What does that mean?
A: You can demonstrate computer proficiency by successfully passing the School of Business Computer Proficiency Exam or by earning a grade of C- or better in ABU 190-Spreadsheets and Problem Solving.  Visit the Office of Academic Assessment for more information on the ABU 190 test-out option.

Q: I would like to do two minors within the School of Business, is this allowed?
No student may pursue more than one minor offered by the School of Business.

Q: I would like to do an internship in the School of Business. What is my first step?
A: Make an appointment with your advisor to discuss whether you meet the requirements and to discuss the process. You must be at least a sophomore with a GPA of 2.5 (ACC) or 2.33 (BUS) or above to participate in a school internship. For an internship to count as a 300 level intership, you must be at least a junior.

Q: I am an undergraduate business major and I would like to take an MBA course. Is that allowed?
A: Only admitted MBA students are allowed to take graduate business courses. For more information, please contact the School of Business at (207) 780-4020.


Q: I want to drop a class. I have 12 credits now and if I drop a class, I will only have 9 credits. Will this affect my financial aid package or sports eligibility?
A: Very likely. Contact the Financial Aid Office at (207)780-5250 or the Athletic Department at (207)780-5430.

Q: What is the latest date I can drop a class and still get a full refund?
A: Once the fall or spring semester begins, a period of two weeks is permitted to drop a class without financial penalty. Please see the Registrar's website for details. Please see summer and winter session websites for information drop deadlines.

Q: When is the latest date I can withdraw from a class to get a “W” to appear on my transcript?
A: You should see your advisor and/or financial aid counselor prior to withdrawing from any course. During the fall or spring semester, for full semester courses, a  withdrawal during the period from two weeks through eight weeks results in a "W." Please see the Registrar's website for details. Please see summer and winter session websites for information withdrawal deadlines.


Q: I have a hold on my account. How do I find out more information about this?
A: Contact the Student Accounts Office at (207)780-5200, 101 Bailey Hall in Gorham, and 118 Payson Smith Hall in Portland.

Q: I need a tutor for my math class. I need help taking better notes. Where do I go?
A: The Learning Commons offers tutoring services to students in many subject areas. Contact them at (207) 780-5577 for more information.

Q: How long will my email account remain active?
A: Student email accounts are closed 5 years after a student's last eligible activity (application or enrollment).  FMI  

Q: Can my parent (or other authorized family member) access my education record and/or student account (financial) information?
A:  In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 as Amended, USM will not release student grades, schedules, or financial aid information to parents, spouses, or others, unless written permission is given by the student.  To provide such permission, please complete an authorization form.


Q: Do I have to declare a minor?
A: You can declare a minor/concentration anytime before you graduate. However, in order for you to be confident you are meeting the requirements of the minor/concentration, you should meet with an advisor and complete the necessary forms early.

Q: I want to get two bachelors degrees. How do I do this?
A: A second bachelor’s degree may not be granted a student until he/she has completed an additional year of college work, as represented by a minimum of 30 semester hours beyond the requirements for the first degree.

Q: I want to minor in something outside of the School of Business, how do I find out more about it?
A: The USM catalog has minor requirements listed for some departments. You should go to the department office and make an appointment with an advisor to find out about their requirements for a minor and how to register for it.

Q: How do I get on the Dean’s List?
A: At the end of each semester, full-time, undergraduate degree students (12 credits or more) with grade point averages of 3.2 or above will be placed on the Dean’s List. Part-time students who complete a total of at least 12 credits for the year by the end of the spring semester will also be eligible for the Dean’s List if the 12 credits average 3.2 or above.

Q: How many credits do I have to earn to be a sophomore, junior, senior?
A: Sophomore 24 credits, Junior 54 credits, and Senior 84 credits

Q: What are the minimum GPA levels I need to maintain to advance and remain in good standing at USM?
A: For the minimum GPA levels to remain in good standing, please review your USM catalog. The minimum GPA level varies according to the number of credits you have attempted. SB students need a 2.33 GPA minimum in order to enroll in 300-level or above courses and a 2.33 minimum GPA in order to graduate.

Q: I got an “F” in a course. What happens to my GPA if I re-take the course?
A: When a student repeats the same course, the initial grade remains on the transcript, but only the later grade is used in computing the grade point average or for credit. A course may be repeated only twice without needing special permission from the department in which the course is offered.


Q: I want to change my major. How do I do this?
A: See your current advisor and obtain their signature on a “change of major” form. You may want to check with the department you are trying to change into if you have met their admission requirements.


Q: How do I know if I have met the requirements to graduate?
A: Make an appointment with your advisor to review your student record sheet and confirm what courses you have remaining to complete the degree.

Q: How do I apply to graduate?
A: Visit the registrar site for detailed information.

Q: I want to take my last 5 classes to complete my degree at another university. Can I do this?
A: Unless special permission is granted by the Director of the school, 30 credit hours of a student's last 45 credit hours must be completed at USM.


Q: How do I know what courses to register for next semester?
A: Review your USM catalog and your student record sheet to determine what classes you have remaining. A copy of your student record sheet may be obtained from from your advisor or found in Advising Notes in your MaineStreet student center. Make an appointment with your advisor to review and verify requirements.

Q: When will I be able to register without a PIN number?
A: PIN numbers are not required for registration.

Q: I am not a matriculated USM student but I would like to take a School of Business course. How do I register for it?
A: Registration for non-degree seeking or special students occurs after registration for matriculated students. The dates for registration can be obtained from the Registrar's Office or by calling the SB office, 780-4020. You will still need to meet all requirements and prerequisites for each course you wish to register for. You should make an appointment with an SB advisor and bring a copy of your transcript and syllabi from any course prerequisites that you have completed outside of USM.


Q: I am a current student and I want to take a class at another university. How do I transfer in those credits?
A: School of Business students must have advance permission from the school to take courses at an institution other than USM. See your advisor.

Q: I want to take a business or accounting course at another university and then have the credits transferred to USM. How do I do it?
A: Always have the class pre-approved for transfer before taking it!  You will need to submit a copy of the current course syllabus along with a completed Prior Approval Form to the School of Business office at 113 Luther Bonney Hall, on the Portland campus. If given approval, you will be notified.

Q: I took a business or accounting course at another university and wondered why it transferred in to USM as an ACC 1XX course or BUS 1XX course?
A: You were not given a direct USM course equivalency for the course. If you would like to challenge this, you will need a copy of the syllabus* for the course in question. Give this syllabus to the School of Business office, or your advisor, and they will forward it to the appropriate professor for review. If given a direct equivalency, you will be notified.  *Please be aware that this process is not immediate.  The sooner you can submit the syllabi, the better.