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MBA Dual Degrees

MS in Nursing and MBA
The dual master’s degree in Nursing and Business Administration at the University of Southern Maine is designed for students in the health professions who wish to combine advanced nursing skills with the analytical tools of business.

Admission Requirements:
Several factors are evaluated in determining a candidate’s admissibility to the two programs that make up the dual degree. Included in the assessment of a candidate’s potential to perform satisfactorily in the programs are the undergraduate grade point average, accredited baccalaureate degree, academic performance in previous coursework, GRE scores, three letters of recommendation, and a candidate’s record of successful professional experience.

For more information about the dual degree in Nursing and Business Administration, please contact:
School of Nursing
Masterton Hall
P O Box 9300
Portland ME 04104-9300
(207) 780-4500

JD and MBA
Students with degrees in both law and business will be in an excellent position to make a difference to their organizations, combining a thorough understanding of legal concepts, effective research, and clear, concise writing skills with the analytical tools of business. Students pursue the JD and the MBA simultaneously with a certain number of crossover courses that satisfy the graduation requirements for each degree. After satisfying the MBA foundation course requirements, completion of both degrees is possible in four years instead of the five years that would ordinarily be required

Admission Requirements:
Separate admission to the programs is required. Application requirements for the JD program are available here, and application requirements for the MBA are located here.

Students are expected to submit LSAT scores as part of their JD application package and GMAT (or GRE) scores as part of their MBA application package.

For more information about the joint degrees in Law and Business Administration please contact:
University of Maine School of Law
246 Deering Avenue
Portland, ME 04102
(207) 780-4341


The dual MBA-MPH program will advance the development of senior managers who understand the business of health care and public health and appreciate the unique role this sector represents in our economy, communities and society. The program educates leaders for the many exciting settings that characterize the health sector, including integrated health care delivery systems, hospitals, medical practices, governmental and not-for-profit health and public health organizations, among others. Dual degree graduates will have the skills needed to inform and guide organizational change, formulate organizational, business, and  market strategies, define innovative organizational financing and service delivery strategies, and develop cross functional business solutions to the challenges of providing high quality, value driven, and accessible health care services.

For more information about the MBA-MPH, please e-mail Melissa Burns at