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School of Business Student Internship Program

The USM's School of Business Internship Program allows students at the graduate and bachelor's levels the opportunity to apply classroom learning in area businesses for academic credit. The course is a cooperative, supervised work experience involving the student, employer, and a School of Business faculty sponsor. Interns work in a field that is aligned with their majors (or minors) in the School of Business.

What Are Some Benefits of Internships?

  • To provide an experiential learning opportunity in a professional setting where classroom learning can be applied, evaluated, and put in proper perspective.
  • To increase student awareness of how they think, feel, and act in a professional setting and how others in that setting think, feel, and act toward them
  • To improve students' work-related proficiencies such as written and interpersonal communication skills and resume preparation.
  • To provide information and to develop networks that students can use to evaluate their preparation for full-time work, plan their careers, and obtain jobs upon graduation.
  • To increase opportunities for faculty contact with organizations in the community and to increase these organizations' awareness of the School.
  • To enable employers to identify and train prospective employees without having to make a formal commitment to full-time employment.
  • To provide academic credit for students' Internship experience.
  • To help defray education expenses.
  • To develop students' confidence and professionalism.

Who is Eligible for the School of Business Internship Program?

The Internship Program requires students to be majoring or formally minoring in a business program. For 300 level internships, students must have completed 54 credit hours and have junior standing, and for 200 level internships students must be a major and have completed 24 credit hours and have sophomore status.

Only one 300 level internship can satisfy major requirements. Any other internship credit goes in the general elective category. The maximum number of business internship credits that can go towards your degree requirements is nine.

All business administration/marketing/risk management & insurance/sport management majors need a minimum grade point average of 2.33. All accounting and finance majors need a minimum grade point average of 2.5. All MBA/MSA students with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 are eligible for the Internship program. All students should check with his or her advisor to determine eligibility.

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