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Dr. Stewart-McCafferty and Dr. Beaudry publish their new book!

The Department of Education’s Dr. Anita Stewart McCafferty and Dr. Jeffrey S. Beaudry have published a book, Teaching Strategies That Create Assessment-Literate Learners.  This book is about creating more engaged learners by having the students take an active role in their own assessment.  Through materials and clear and relevant examples of assessment for learning strategies, teachers can bring students into the assessment process as full partners in ways that help them become owners of their learning.

“This is the book that practitioners have been waiting for: Assessment kept simple—its importance and how to do it, with plenty of support and templates to ensure success.”

-Ken Darvall, Principal, Tema International School

Dr. Anita Stewart McCafferty serves as Department Chair for Education Leadership as well as Co-Director of Southern Maine Partnership, a consortium of 30-plus districts. Anita is passionate about professional learning done well. Her research interests include assessment literacy; the impacts of technology and social media on the work-life balance of principals; teacher and principal feedback and evaluation processes and results; middle level education; and experiential learning/service learning.  Prior to joining USM, Anita served as a middle school principal, assistant principal, professional development provider, and classroom teacher.

Dr. Jeffrey S. Beaudry is a Professor of Educational Leadership where he spends his time focusing on high impact classroom assessment and leadership strategies. He is passionate about the use of visual thinking and assessment for learning. Since 2009 he has co-authored numerous publications, books and articles about critical thinking, visual representations and concept mapping. As an instructional designer he enjoys going deeper into assessment for learning (formative assessment.) He is also the co-director of the Southern Maine Partnership, a regional collaboration of schools and the University of Southern Maine, and the collaboration with other regional partners in Maine (Penobscot River Educational Association, and the Northwoods Partnership.)

“I am very proud that we collaborated to write this timely and useful book, as it synthesizes a wide range of concepts, models and strategies for teachers, leaders and learners to understand what is meant by assessment-literate learners. The book makes a strong research to practice connection by including over 35 stories written by teachers and leaders from Maine schools and administrative leadership roles. We call these vignettes Practitioner Spotlights, and they were vital to make the bridges connecting the world of practicing professionals with our experience and research perspectives.”

-Dr. Jeffrey Beaudry