School of Education and Human Development


Welcome to the School of Education and Human Development, a division of the College of Management and Human Service. We offer seven degrees with over 30 different program options, in the fields of education and human development at the undergraduate, post-bachelor’s certificate, master’s, post-master’s certificate of advanced study, and doctoral levels.

The School is firmly grounded on a rich history that dates back to the Gorham Normal School, established by the state of Maine in 1878 to educate teachers and establish teaching norms. Today, the School of Education and Human Development has a mission of preparing educators and human development professionals for responsible service that is as relevant to society today as it was more than a century ago.

 Accredited academic programs . . . The School is organized in five academic departments: 1) Counseling, Adult and Higher Education, 2. Educational Leadership, 3. Literacy, Language and Culture, 4. Education and School Psychology, and 5. Teaching and Learning (Teacher Education, ETEP, and Special Education). Programs meet the highest standards set by the State of Maine and professional accrediting bodies. The School continually assesses Maine’s and the region’s priority needs.

Esteemed faculty . . . The School offers comprehensive programs that are delivered by distinguished faculty who have a collective level of knowledge and experience unequalled by other southern Maine colleges and universities. In the interest of educating well-rounded professionals, faculty innovate and create unique programs, such as the integrated certification options that lead to teacher certification in both a content area and special education.

Faculty also engage in relevant research and scholarship as well as public service that accrue distinction to the University, improve the quality of life in Maine and beyond, and enrich the academic experience for students. In addition, many bring significant practical experience to the classroom.

Talented Students and distinguished alumni . . . The School enrolls approximately 600 students each semester. Upon graduation, they join a community of nearly 13,000 living alumni, who make important contributions to the education and human-resource fields in Maine, across the nation, and in 20 countries around the world. USM alumni hold some of the highest positions in schools and districts, government, and related organizations. Many are honored by students and peers with nominations for prestigious awards and recognitions.

Lifelong Learning . . . The School’s Professional Development Center (PDC) offers academic courses, workshops and conferences to educators and human resource professionals seeking academic and continuing-education credit.

Home to research centers that serve Maine’s public-policy needs . . . The Center for Education Policy, Applied Research, and Evaluation (CEPARE) provides assistance to school districts, public agencies, and non-profit organizations through research, evaluation, and policy studies.

In partnership with the education community . . . The Southern Maine Partnership is a USM-school collaboration that includes area Maine school districts. It works to promote equitable, academically rigorous, and personalized public education to prepare students for learning, work, and citizenship.