School of Education and Human Development

Proficiency-Based Certificate of Graduate Studies Approved

The Certificate of Graduate Study in Proficiency Based Education (PBE) is designed to accommodate educators, and other holders of baccalaureate degrees who wish to obtain the knowledge, skills, and dispositions appropriate for PBE. Certificate completers will be able to plan effective PBE instruction for their students.  Students who complete the program requirements will receive an official transcript recognition of their work and a certificate from the University.

Initially, this certificate was developed by the Teacher Education Department and the Gorham School District who worked closely together to meet a need and customize a program to benefit Gorham K - 12 teachers and students.  The Professional Development Center is piloting this certificate in a few other school districts in the Portland area.

Sara Needleman of Teacher Education explains, “Proficiency-Based Education is about teachers being very clear with their students regarding what should be learned and how teachers and learners will know whether or not, or the degree to which, that content and those skills were learned. Teachers use clear criteria, typically based on a set of standards approved at the national, state, or local level to generate “learning targets” for instruction and assessment. Striving for all students to attain the targets therefore also encourages teachers to carefully consider diverse needs in the classroom and to respond to those needs with differentiated approaches to instruction and assessment.”

For more information or if your school district is interested please contact the Professional Development Center at (207) 780-5055,