School Psychology

Frequently Asked Questions

Students in class.As the only school psychology training program in the state, we offer a Master of Science (MS) in Educational Psychology with a concentration in School Psychology and a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in School Psychology.

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Can I complete courses at the University before I begin the program?

  • Yes. Students who are applying for either the master’s or the doctoral program may complete up to two courses, for a total of six credits, before enrolling in the program.
  • Contact us to learn more about which courses can be completed.

Can I maintain full-time employment while studying in the program?

  • Our programs are designed to accommodate working professionals. Each program can be completed on a part-time or full-time basis.
    • Master’s program: All courses are held in the late afternoon and evening. Half of the courses are offered online.
    • Doctoral program: Most courses are held in the late afternoon and evening. Several doctoral seminar courses are held during the day on Tuesdays. Many employers allow a flexible schedule in order to complete the daytime courses.
  • To learn more about program schedules and completion timeframes, see our Overview.

Can I transfer graduate credits into the program?

  • Master’s program:
    • You may transfer up to 30 graduate credits, which may reduce program completion time. Transfer credits must meet specific criteria.
  • Doctoral program:

If I begin studying in the master’s program, could I transfer to the doctoral program?

  • Yes. You must apply and be admitted into the doctoral program in order to transfer. We allow up to 45 credits from the master’s program to be transferred to the doctoral program. We highly recommend that you apply to transfer prior to your internship year, because the internship credits do not transfer.

Where do students typically complete their practicum and internship?

  • Our faculty work individually with each student to select fieldwork sites based on location preferences and learning goals. As we work with students to identify their unique professional development needs, we consider and contact sites in Maine and New Hampshire. For a list of sites where our students have completed fieldwork in the past several years, visit Beyond the Classroom.

Must the internship be completed in Maine?

  • Students may complete their internships in other states, pending approval by program faculty.

Is the internship paid?

  • Master’s program: We strongly advocate that our field placement sites provide a stipend to the students interning through our master’s program. However, this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Doctoral program: We expect that pre-doctoral interns are paid a minimum stipend of $16,500, but actual stipends vary significantly by site.

Are there graduate assistantship positions available?

Are there scholarships and financial aid available?

What degrees are required to enter the PsyD program?