School Psychology



The Monthly Newsletter of the USM School Psychology Program

Volume 2, Issue 8 (April 2014)


Change in Required Internship Hours

At its April 2014 Program meeting, the School Psychology faculty voted to change the number of required pre-doctoral internship hours from 2000 to 1500.  The reason for the change is that finding internship sites that can accommodate 2000 hours is very difficult, especially given the total number of hours in a typical school year.  The 2000 requirement was put into place in 2010 as a result of APA and Maine Board of Examiners discussions about eliminating post-doctoral requirements but having more pre-doctoral supervised experience.  These changes have not been made in Maine, and only a few states now require 2000 pre-doctoral internship hours.  Those Psy.D. students who might want to practice in a state where 2000 hours are required will be supported in finding internships where they can complete the longer requirement, but all other students will be able to complete 1500 hours.


USM Budget Cuts

As covered in many local media sources, USM has a significant budget deficit to address for the 2014-2015 fiscal year.  Based on recommendations in the Direction Package and program enrollments, the President and Provost have developed a budget that eliminates four programs and numerous faculty and staff positions.  The School Psychology program has not been affected by these cuts so far and we are hopeful that we will have status quo funding for 2014-2015.


Spring Psy.D. Program Meeting

A mandatory meeting of all current Psy.D. students will be held on Monday 14  April from 5-7 pm in 113 Bailey Hall.  Pizza will be provided.  Topics to be covered include updates on the request for a third tenure-track faculty member, practicum and internship planning, student review of individual files, and (new this year) a game of Jeopardy that covers the Psy.D. Program Handbook. 


Date for Spring SPPAB Meeting Set

The members of the School Psychology Program Advisory Board will meet on Tuesday, May 13, from 3-5 pm in 417 Wishcamper on the Portland campus.  The meeting will provide updates to members on efforts to seek APA Program accreditation, the recently issued draft revisions to the APA accreditation standards, and other matters pertaining to the Program.


Fall Pre-Registration

Pre-registration for Fall 2014 will begin on Monday 14 April 2014.  Students can select courses through the Maine Street online portal.  Students are encouraged to consult their advisor before selecting courses. The schedule of courses for Spring 2015 will also be visible on Maine Street starting on 14 April.