For students considering graduate study in Social Work, USM offers an Advanced Standing option to MSW applicants with a BSW earned from the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accredited program in the last 7 years. Advanced Standing allows individuals to complete the MSW degree in one year, if full-time, and in two years, if part-time.

Application Requirements

  • Undergraduate Degree: You must have an undergraduate degree in social work to apply to the advanced standing MSW program; no other academic majors can access advanced standing.
  • GPA: To apply for Advanced Standing, you must also have earned a minimum GPA of 3.0 in your BSW program.
  • Completion of BSW: If you are applying to the MSW program while you are still completing your BSW degree and you are accepted, you must anticipate full completion of all degree requirements by May of the year you are applying.
    • Please note: All applicants in this situation are conditionally accepted and will not be allowed to matriculate in the graduate program until all baccalaureate degree requirements are met and the BSW degree is officially conferred.
  • Undergraduate Program Accreditation: Per our accrediting organization (CSWE), advanced standing can only be granted to qualified applicants holding degrees from baccalaureate social work programs accredited by CSWE. 

How to Apply

  1. Complete the graduate application

Be sure to indicate clearly on your application that you are applying for Advanced Standing.