Senior College at USM Lewiston-Auburn College


We offer a variety of activities beyond the classroom.  To participate in any Club, you must be a current Senior College member.  NOTE:  Clubs are not intended as instructional events.
In order to participte in any of the clubs, you must complete the following paperwork (forms).  Please sign and give to Club Leader BEFORE attending an event!

Emergency Release Form:
Monthy Dine-Around
Outdoor Adventure
The Outsiders 

Release and Assumption of Risk Form:
Monthly Dine-Around
Outdoor Adventure
The Outsiders

Monthly Dine-Around:  Members will eat out at least once a month, generally in the evening.  Meeting schedule will be decided by the membership.
Leader: Diane Higgins

Outdoor Adventure:  Activities might include: canoeing, kayaking, easy hiking, snowshoeing, zip lining, etc.  Activities and how often we meet will be determined by membership.
Leader: Patricia Vampatella
Contact:  926-3131

Theater:  Members will meet to visit theater productions around the southern part of the state.  Members will meet depending on schedules of the theaters.  Presently this club does not have a Club Leader.  If you are interested in taking this on, contact  Pat Vampatella at  or at 926-3131

The Outsiders (formerly XCrounty):  The Outsiders is a club of L/A Senior College whose members participate in outdoor activities that are physically challenging and socially engaging.  Members view this as a way to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while in the company of others. Activities may include hiking in the woods, climbing mountains, cross-country skiing, or snowshoeing. These activities are generally at no cost to the participant.  Members provide their own equipment.  Some car pool while others drive by themselves to the site.

For hiking, participants need to walk comfortably for several hours, often over loose rocks or roots. Mountain climbing, with elevation gains and occasional stream crossings, is more of a brisk aerobic activity and requires good balance.  Snowshoeing is similar to hiking, but with some elevation gains.  Cross-country skiing is mostly over flat areas with minor grade changes.

The Outsiders welcomes new members. 
Leader:  Reine Mynahan