Service-Learning & Volunteering

Service-Learning: Courses Offered

Below is a current list of all known service-learning courses and when they are typically offered. 

View the course catalog for descriptions and prerequisites.

Undergraduate Courses

Course Number Course Title Professor Semester
AED 421 Seminar in Art Education Kelly Hrenko Fall & Spring
CMS 450 Service-Learning Practicum Dennis Gilbert Spring
CRM 225 Crimes Against the Environment Sandra Wachholz Fall & Spring
ENG 334 Literacy Studies Lorrayne Carroll Fall
HTY 300 History Internship Libby Bischof Fall
HTY 360 History of Maine Libby Bischof Fall
HTY 394 Civil Rights Movement Leroy Rowe, Samantha Frisk and Libby Bischof Spring
POS 104 Intro to International Relations Timothy Ruback Fall & Spring
SOC 100 Intro to Sociology David Everson Fall & Spring
SOC 210 Critical Thinking: Diversity & Promoting Diversity Michelle Vasquez Jacobus Fall & Spring
SOC 301 Qualitative Research Methods Wendy Chapkis Fall
SOC 355 Politics and Society David Everson Fall
Course Number Course Title Professor Semester
BUS 437 Triple Bottom Line Business Richard Bilodeau Fall & Spring
BUS 369 Marketing Research Bob Heiser Spring
BUS 450 Business Policy & Strategy John Voyer Fall & Spring
EDU 100 Exploring Education as a Profession Robert Keuch / Jane Etsy Fall & Spring
EDU 305 Foundations of Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Alexander Lapidus / Heather Flanders Fall & Spring
EDU 310 Schooling in Democracy Jean Whitney Fall
FSP 210 Food and Environment Jamie Picardy Fall & Spring
PHE 106 NCAAA Life Choices Samantha Allen Fall
SED 335 Students with Exceptionalities in General Education Jennifer Libby / Pat Red Fall & Spring
SED 420 Multi-Tiered Systems of Educational Support Pat Red Spring
SWO 201 Intro to Social Work Natallie Gentles-Gibbs Fall & Spring
SWO 365 Examining Oppression and Valuing Diversity Hermeet Kohli Fall & Spring
SWO 393 Methods of Social Work Practice I Caroline Shanti / Natallie Gentles-Gibbs Spring
SWO 399  Topics in Social Work Paula Gerstenblatt Fall
SWO 403 Method of Social Work Practice II Paula Gertstenblatt Spring
TAH 150 Professional Practices Immersion: Tourism and Hospitality Tracy Michaud-Stutzman Fall
TAH / ANT 241 Tourism and Community Development Tracy Michaud-Stutzman Fall
TAH 311 Event Planning and Management Sara Ghezzi Fall
TAH 340 Topics in Event Planning Sara Ghezzi Spring
TAH 420 Seminar in Hospitality Management: Hospitality Law Sara Ghezzi Spring
Course Number Course Title Professor Semester
BIO 109 Biological Principles III Rachel Simons Fall & Spring
BIO 281 Microbiology for Health Sciences Rachel Larsen Fall
BIO 305 Developmental Biology Dave Champlin Fall
BIO 311 Microbiology Rachel Larsen Spring
BIO 321 Neurobiology Doug Currie Fall
BIO 401 Animal Physiology Doug Currie Spring
BIO 409 Cell and Molecular Biology Dave Champlin Spring
BIO 421 Biology Seminar Rachel Lasley-Rasher Spring 
BIO 441  Problems in Biology David Champlin Fall & Spring
CHY 113 Principles of Chemistry Luci Benedict Fall 
CHY 233 Analytical Chemistry Luci Benedict Spring
COS 200 / ITT 200 Intro to Cyber Security William Pooler Spring
EGN 301 Junior Engineering Design Michael Davis  Spring
ENG 304 Engineering Economics Ivan Most Spring
ELE 217 Circuits II Carlos Lück Spring
 ELE 351 Electromagentic Fields Hongzhi Guo Fall
ESP 200 Environmental Planning Robert Sanford Fall
ESP 203 Environmental Communication Travis Wagner Spring
ESP 220 Intro to Environmental Policy Travis Wagner Fall
ESP 280 Research & Analytical Methods Karen Wilson / Theodore Willis Fall
ESP 340 Environmental Regulation Travis Wagner Fall
ESP 360 Water Quality Assessment and Control Karen Wilson Spring
ESP 401 Environmental Impact Assessment and Lab Robert Sanford Spring
ESP 421 Natural Resource Policy Travis Wagner Spring
LIN 185 Language, Mind, and Society Dana McDaniel Spring
MAT 131 Number Systems for Elementary Teachers Kelly McCormick Fall & Spring
MAT 231/232 Algebra for Elementary Teachers Shawn Michael Towle Spring
NUR 339 Community Nursing Partnerships Clinical I Multiple Instructors Fall & Spring
NUR 341 Community Nursing Partnerships Clinical II Multiple Instructors Fall & Spring
PSY 326 Psychology of Social and Linguistic Development R. Bruce Thompson Fall 
Course Number Course Title Professor Semester
LAC 370 Toward a Global Ethics Michelle Vasquez Jacobus Fall & Spring
LOS / SBS 301 Group Dynamics Tara Coste Fall
LOS / SBS 430 Applied Social Policy

Michelle Vasquez Jacobus/

John Brautigam /

Sharon Timberlake

Fall & Spring
LOS / SBS 470 Study Abroad Tara Coste Spring
Course Number Course Title Instructor Semester
COR 101 Co-Curricular Learning Lab: Multiple Topics Multiple Instructors Fall
HON 101 Honors Entry-Year Experience Rebecca Nisetich Fall
HON 103 Honors Socio-Cultural Analysis: Perspectives on Poverty Margaret Reimer Spring
HON 321 Honors: Death and Dying Rebecca Nisetich & Samantha Frisk Fall
HON 399 Honors: Community Service: Destructive or Empowering? Samantha Frisk Fall
RSP 402 Russel Scholars Capstone: Community and Commitment Elizabeth Dodge Spring

Graduate Courses

No service-learning graduate courses are being offered at this time. 

Course Number Course Title Professor Semester
EDU 543 Professional Internship in Elementary Education Paul Caron / Sara Needleman Fall & Spring
EDU 550 Professional Internship in Secondary Education Sara Needleman Fall & Spring
EDU 623 TESOL Practicum Linda Evans Fall & Spring
HCE 611 Medical & Psychological Aspects of Disability and Rehabilitation Yura Yasui Fall
HCE 612 Multicultural Counseling: Social and Cultural Foundations of Helping Diverse Families Yura Yasui Spring
HCE 640 Professional Issues for Mental Health Counselors Yura Yasui Spring
HCE 668 Human Development Yura Yasui Spring
MBA 698 Practicum Bob Heiser Spring
SWO 599 Topics in Social Work Paula Gerstenblatt Fall

There are no service-learning graduate courses in CSTH being offered at this time. 

Course Number Course Title  Professor Semester
LOS / SBS 670 Study Abroad Tara Coste Spring
LOS 512 Deliberate Creativity and Innovation Tara Coste Spring
LOS 670 Leadership Study Abroad Tara Coste Spring