Student Government Association

Board of Student Organizations

The Board of Student Organizations (BSO) is an entity under the Student Senate that facilitates communication between various student organizations and sponsors programs to benefit student organizations and the student body. It is intended to enhance the cultural, intellectual, social and recreational aspects of student life at USM.

Questions or comments? Please contact the BSO E-Board at


BSO Executive Board:

President - Ryan Courbron

Vice President - Tyler Worcester

Treasurer - Trent Dexter

Secretary - (open)

Parliamentarian - Mary Swanson



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BSO Spring 2021 Meeting Schedule:

Friday, February TBA, 2020 - 10:00 A.M.; via Zoom

Friday, March TBA, 2020 - 10:00 A.M.; via Zoom

Friday, April TBA, 2020 - 10:00 A.M.; via Zoom

Friday, May TBA, 2020 - 10:00 A.M.; via Zoom


Deadlines for Proposals:

The Monday prior to the BSO meeting (by 4:30pm)

Monday, February TBA - 4:30PM 
Monday, March TBA - 4:30PM 
Monday, April TBA - 4:30PM 
Monday, May TBA - 4:30PM 

**If USM closes for any reason (weather or emergency), the BSO Meeting on that day will be canceled. All proposals will be tabled and reviewed at the next meeting.**


2020-2021 BSO groups

(if your group is not listed, please send a copy of your constitution to


 Accounting & Finance Society

The purpose of AFS is to provide accounting and finance students the opportunity to explore career options, network with professionals, and learn new trends in accounting and finance.


American Choral Directors Association

The purpose of the ACDA is to provide students with experiences with choral music and the art of choral directing.


American Sign Language Club

The purpose of the ASL is to integrate the Deaf and hearing communities by simultaneously improving language and culture skills for ASL students and promoting awareness of Deaf culture.


Athletic Training Student Association

The main purpose of ATSA is to further educate the entire student population of USM and cultivate interest in athletic training.  Working in cooperation with the USM Sports Medicine Department, we provide opportunities to our members that may lead to recognition and possible future employment through meetings, events and conventions held in the field of athletic training and sports medicine.


Chemistry Club

The purpose of the chemistry club is to supplement the science program for area schools as well as the USM community through outreach programs.


Collegiate National Association for Music Education

The purpose of CNafME is the provide opportunities for interested students to expand their knowledge on music education by providing resources that can be used in the classroom; building bonds between music students, music teachers, and alumni; creating community service opportunities so students can go into the community and teach music.


Engineering Student Committee

The purpose of ESC is to represent the students whose interests are in the field of Engineering and to provide a resource for student group activities and projects.


Environmental Student Science Group

The ESSG has been established to provide a forum for students, faculty, and staff to exchange information, ideas, and experience; to promote the advancement of interdisciplinary environmental education, research, planning, assessment, review, and management; to promote an on-campus awareness of pertinent environmental issues and ideas that affect natural resources and peoples at the local, regional, national, and international levels; to stimulate students to pursue greater knowledge and appreciation of the complex environmental issues facing the area surrounding USM and the entire country through lectures, seminars, and field activities; and to promote proactive environmental responsibility in the Greater Portland area business community as well as industry on a global scale.


Exercise Science Student Association

The ESSA’s purpose is to create an atmosphere where anyone with an interest in Exercise Science can learn, share, and experience the past, present, and future of fitness, nutrition and athletic performance.  These experiences will involve education, career advancement, and social networking. The Exercise Student Association fosters learning and academic excellence by working with professors, coaches, the community and students. This creates a safe, fulfilling and academically enriching environment for learning, research and professional practice knowledge.


Gamma Iota Sigma (RISC)

GIS/RISC intends to raise the level of awareness about professional opportunities in risk management, insurance, and related fields to those internal and external to USM; increase and sustain student interest in the study of risk management and insurance; provide the necessary support to encourage student success in achieving academic and career goals; and to create engaging and valuable educational and networking experiences outside the classroom through interactions with other students and risk management and insurance industry professionals.


Geography-Anthropology Student Association

The purpose of GASA shall be to generate interest and actively involve students and the public in Geography/Anthropology sciences and related fields.


History Students Association

The HSA is committed to providing a nurturing academic community for students studying history and others who are interested in the discipline of history. It is our primary endeavor to promote historical education in all fields of study for the broader USM community.


Honors Students Association

To enhance cultural, intellectual, social, and recreational aspects of student life at USM; to promote academic support in our neighboring communities; to promote the welfare of the HSO and to enhance the Honors experience; to maintain a tradition of academic curiosity and active intellectual pursuit; and to act as group advocate on behalf of and in conjunction with HSO members to resolve issues relating to the Honors Program and USM when appropriate.



The goals of this organization are as follows: to create an environment where musical creativity and learning can flourish; to provide a free alternative for students who wish to express their choral technique/singing ability; to create a strong bond between theUSM School of Music and the rest of the campus; to provide learning and leadership opportunities in music with all students interested; and to perform music for the university and the surrounding communities. It is the mission of the USM Huskapellas to bring musical creativity to the forefront of human experience and to strive to provide opportunities for students to explore their own musical creativity through the use of group singing and acapella music.


Husky Veterans

The group will provide transitional assistance for Veterans returning from active duty and attending USM; to create a place where veterans can seek the solidarity (the feeling of “belonging”) that other current groups cannot provide; to create a safe place for veterans to come together and discuss in order to overcome the challenges associated with transforming from military life to civilian and student life; to provide activities for veterans on campus in order to promote a healthier living and to reduce the chance of substance abuse problems, disconnection, and veteran student drop-out; to connect veteran students with the resources available to them on campus and in the community.


Martial Arts Club

The MAC at USM is dedicated to providing a safe learning experience for the student body, and is available to accommodate new and experienced individuals of the broad range of disciplines, so that they will know how to defend themselves if needed.


Model United Nations

MUNO seeks to educate USM students and the general community on the dynamics on international relations via participation in Model U. N. conferences, and by developing a group conference, modelled upon the actual United Nations.


Muslim Students Association

The purpose of this association is to invite those who are interested in being informed of the Islam faith, with understanding of Islam under the idea of respect, love, peace and harmony of mankind; with these goals to sponsor lectures, service projects, informational tables, social gatherings and public meetings. This association will not support any political group or any partisan activity on campus level.


National Alliance for Mental Illness

Events for raising awareness of the issues surrounding mental illnesses, including efforts to remove the stigma often associated to people and families of the mentally ill.


Psychology Club

The Psychology club’s purpose is to serve as an organization through which psychology majors, minors, and interested members in the community may further their knowledge of psychology.


Queer-Straight Alliance

The goal and purpose of QSA is to create a safe and welcoming environment for USM’s LBGTQA community regardless of race, color, religion, gender, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, gender expression or transgender status, age, or national origin. As a student organization, the QSA will seek to provide resources that will serve to educate and equip the community of a variety of topics, concerns, and issues relevant to its goals and purposes. The QSA also endeavors to serve the community at large in hopes of being an influential voice and force for equality, diversity, and respect.


Scuba Club

The Scuba Club exists to educate students about scuba diving, to provide instruction in scuba equipment and practices, and to create a fun, educational, and informative activity for student betterment.  The club aims to educate students in the skills and techniques of scuba diving; promote aquatic safety; foster a spirit of environmental stewardship; create a positive, fun and educational experience for students to learn about and enjoy this activity; support academic programs which may elect to utilize the Scuba Club for scuba training.


SKY Club

Our purpose is to teach students stress management techniques and attitudes for personal and professional success through the contemporary and scientific use of yoga, meditation, personal awareness seminars and life enhancing projects.


Social Work Student Association

The purpose of the SWSA is to provide a forum to explore and discuss issues related to the development and community of the Social Work students; to represent Social Work students; and to organize/host/explore activities related to Social Work.


Somali Student Association

The purpose of our organization is to connect with fellow Somali students, to teach about the culture, traditions, and values shared by the common Somali person; to help one another, as well as help to enhance our community, people and environment.


Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The mission of SAAC is to enhance the quality of the athletic experience by providing a means of communication between the student-athletes and the USM Department of Athletics. SAAC serves as a forum for the discussion of issues concerning student-athlete welfare; offers input on NCAA proposed legislation, provides student-athletes with educational programming and leadership opportunities, and seeks to build community inside and outside of the University.


Student Nurses Organization

The purpose of SNO is to promote faster developmental of leadership skills and to build community among the students, faculty, and staff of USM. This goal is attained through participation in various health-related projects, community service, fund-raising events, and by expanding awareness of both state and national nurse associations. SNO’s purpose is to serve as a resource for its members, nursing and non-nursing students, all campuses of USM and the Greater Portland communities through varied events and programs.


Student Performing Artists

The purpose of SPA is to promote academic, personal, and social growth through the improvement of performing arts.  Our primary approach is having all students involved in traditional, experimental, and imaginative productions, through acting as well as design, production, and directing.


Students Without Borders

The goal of SWBA is to help educate, promote, and develop an aware ness of International cultures, food, history, arts, philosophy, and interests through academic, community, and social, spiritual, intellectual and philosophical endeavors/involvements within and beyond the USM experience.


Tourism and Hospitality Student Group

TAHA’s purpose is to unite and educate through diversity, tourism and networking practices. Students of our organization and USM as a whole will be able to relate and learn on first-hand basis about the Tourism and Hospitality industry and industry members. We are passionate about education and the diversity of knowledge that our major has given and keeps providing us with. We are students who believe in hands-on experiences, combining what we learn in the classroom and working within our major’s industry to make what we learn a reality.


USM Gaming Club

The USM Gaming Club is a group created to provide entertainment as well as an education in event planning and basic business dealings.  The group was started with four members who wanted to learn a new skill while having fun with games that they already understand.


USM Navigators

The purpose of this club is to provide an opportunity for students, factulty, and staff of the University of Southern Maine to know Christ and make Him known. The purpose of this group is to study the Bible together and to live out its instructions. Members will disciple each other and do life together within and outside the official club meetings, helping and encouraging each other and spreading the love of Christ across campus and beyond.


USM Video Production Club

This organization is being formed for three main reasons. To cereate educational opportunities for students, to help students gather practical experience, and to create a fun production-based experience for students.



 BSO Fall 2020 Office Hours:

The BSO E-Board is available to meet, preferably via Zoom, to answer questions and help with paperwork! 


SGA Business Office: Latré Sibi Lawson Owanda, and Drew Masterman:

Latre' Sibi: Wednesdays 10:00AM-4:30PM in the SGA Business Office, Room 213 Abromson (just behind the University Store).  Drew: Available online Monday through Friday, and by appointment on Wednesdays & Fridays, Room 216 Abromson.

Contact us at or 228-8503, or or 780-4996.