Student Government Association

End of FY19 Student Government Association Fiscal Health Report

(Financial health reading uses this scale: Excellent(best), Good, Okay, Poor, Terrible, Dire(worst)) 


Student Senate Treasurer David Reed would rate the Student Government Associations current financial health as “Excellent”. Proper financial planning over FY19, fewer leased employees in the business office, and entities spending less than expected has allowed the Senate to maintain a healthy cash reserve. The SCB sub-entities have mixed financial health, with WMPG having what the Treasurer would rate as “Excellent” financial health, and the Free Press having “Poor” financial health. The Free Press will receive additional funding next year to fully stabilize their budget regardless of how the Senate Budget is adjusted, as the SCB with the SAF increase is expected to see its budget increase significantly, with some estimates showing an increase of around $40,000-50,000 per-entity. 


The Treasurer reports that funds will be available to significantly expand the services and events offered by the Student Senate and its entities. The SGA is in the process of gaining a full time CL3 leased employee for the SSBO. Even with the increased cost of salaries, the SGA will have massive reserves, and many spending possibilities.