Student Government Association

Equipment and Assets

Article Fourteen - Equipment and Assets

Amount of Capitalization. Any time the purchase price for a piece of equipment exceeds $500 it must be capitalized. Any purchase order signer can require that equipment purchased for a price less than $500 be tracked for inventory purposes.

Equipment Log. Each entity or group shall maintain a current list of the equipment that it possesses; this list shall be submitted to the Student Government Association Business Office at the request of the Student Government Association Business Office or the Student Senate.

Disposal of Equipment. No equipment maintained by an entity or group may be sold, given away, or otherwise disposed of without Student Senate approval; in the event of Student Senate approval, the Student Government Association Business Office must be notified in writing. The Student Senate Executive Board and the Student Government Association Business Office must be notified as soon as possible if any equipment is found to be lost or damaged.

Equipment Lending. No entity or group can charge another Student Senate entity or group for the use of its equipment without the express written consent of the Student Senate Executive Board. All entities and groups will be allowed to set up a policy of lending. Any disagreement about such policies will be brought to the Student Senate Executive Board for resolution.

Allocation of Space. The Student Senate Executive Board shall present an annual space allocation plan to the Student Senate. Any space allocated to the Board of Student Organizations or the Student Communications Board is assigned to their subgroups at the discretion of these entities.

Responsibility for Space. All student organizations assume liability for their office space. Any damage caused by the student organization will be repaired at the organization’s expense. All usage of Student Senate office space must be in a manner consistent with Student Senate and University policy.

After Hours Access to Space 

Access List. The Student Senate Vice-Chair shall ensure that the USM Police Department and the Dean of Student’s Office has an updated list indicating which individuals have access to the Student Senate offices outside of normal business hours. This list will include any restrictions in hours or additional stipulations required for access.

Student Senate Keys. The Student Senate Vice-Chair and the Dean of Student Life’s Office shall decide all requests for keys to Student Senate office space.

Lost Keys. The fee for a lost key will be determined by the cost of replacement; the individual who lost the key is responsible for the payment of this fee. At their discretion, the issuer(s) the key may have the office space re-keyed at the expense of this individual. No additional keys will be issued to this individual until after payment has been made.

Use of Senate Computers. No programs may be downloaded or installed on any Student Senate computer without the permission of the Student Senate Chair. Student Senate computers are intended for the completion of Student Senate-business. Other activities will be permitted only if the computer is not otherwise needed. At all times, individuals utilizing Student Senate computers are required to comply with all relevant Student Senate and University policies.