Student Government Association

Goals and Initiatives

Preliminary Summer and Fall Goals: 

1) Complete “Operation Archivist” making 25 years of senate records publicly available online, and ensuring that such records cannot be lost easily. (In progress, will be completed by the end of fall, as some records were not in a format to easily digitize. Several years have been completed, and all will be made available when complete.) 

2) Improve BSO SOOT training, and ensure that all Senate Officers are able to complete the same training. All entity officers responsible for handling financial materials should be able to correctly fill out purchase order forms and proposals. (In progress, some improvements were made last semester, and finalization is required.)

3) UPRCP (University Policy Records Centralization Plan): Will make a central location where students can access all relevant current University Policies, and possibly earlier versions of them. (In progress, some information has been compiled, and this will serve as an expansion for the already existing initiative on travel policies.)

4) Ensure that the budget is properly adjusted to reflect the expected increase in revenue. 

5) Ensure that all members of the Finance Committee have been SOOT trained regardless of officer status. 

6) Create an information campaign to make students aware of what the Student Senate can do for them. This would include the ability to request up to $250 for an event or trip that falls within the mission of the Student Senate.


Goals for the spring semester: 

1) Improve public online availability of documents. (Completed)

2) Provide ways to help people know where their proposal is on the path to approval. (Completed)

3) Make sure accurate financial records are available to anyone who wishes to inquire. (Completed)

4) Assure continuity between administrations by providing detailed internal reports of ongoing issues/proposals. (In Progress, Still Here!)

5) Successfully complete the budgeting process. (completed) BUDGET LINK HERE.