Student Government Association

Office of The Treasurer

"The Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer of the Student Senate and is the Authorized Board Chair signer unless otherwise noted. The Treasurer is responsible for supplying the Student Senate with financial summaries and other financial data that is generated by the Coordinator of Student Government Business Operations’ office. Additionally, the Treasurer is responsible for responding to questions of financial inquiry by members of the Senate. The Treasurer shall chair the Finance Committee." 


Current SGA Treasurer: David Reed

If you have any questions about your proposal, or about how to submit one, please contact me here:


Goals for the spring semester: 

1) Improve public online availability of documents.

2) Provide ways to help people know where their proposal is on the path to approval. 

3) Make sure accurate financial records are available to anyone who wishes to inquire. 

4) Assure continuity between administrations by providing detailed internal reports of ongoing issues/proposals. 



Ongoing Initiatives  



Proposal Tracker. This resource can help you track where your proposal is, or if it has been approved.

Meeting Minutes (Finance Committee Meetings Past 12/14/18). This will let you see what the Finance Committee has been up to.


Policies and Guidelines: