Student Government Association

Office of the Treasurer Ongoing Initiatives:

One of the primary things I wish to accomplish this semester is to increase the Student Senate’s and the public’s knowledge of SGA financial procedures. I wish to organize more financial trainings so that those in the SGA fully understand how the PO system works. Poorly written POs, and POs that are inconsistent with the policies listed here, are currently a big problem. If you are not sure you are filling out a purchase order form correctly, please take the time to reach out to the treasurer, or someone from the business office. I would also ask that those submitting purchase orders comply with the policies regarding signatures, and seek out the primary signer before sending it to a backup signer for a certain category. Please make sure that you submit your purchase order well before you need to use the funds, two weeks or more is optimal, for it gives us time to address any problems with it, and work them out properly.