Student Government Association

Office of The Treasurer Purchase Order Policy

Article Four – Financial Procedures

Before any organization falling under the jurisdiction of the Student Senate can spend their funds, they must generate a completed purchase order. A completed purchase order is defined as having:

  1. Three valid and appropriate signatures: Authorized Group Signature, Authorized Board Signature, and the signature of the Coordinator of Student Organization Operations and Support (C.S.O.O.S.).
  2. All fields of the purchase order completed with sufficient information as dictated by IRS, University, and Business Office Policies.
  3. All necessary documentation, invoices, and contracts attached.
  4. Any purchase order that does not meet all of these conditions within 60 days is automatically voided.

Unless a contract will serve as the invoice, an invoice is required to be associated with each completed purchase order before a check can be generated. Exceptions to this policy may be granted by the Authorized Board Chair and approved by the Coordinator of Student Organization Operations and Support. The exception must be noted on the purchase order and initialed by all parties.

A contract is required whenever cumulative payment to a service-provider or performer (herein referred to as Vendor) will exceed $1000 for the fiscal year. Any purchase order signer can require that a contract is generated for amounts under $1000. The contract shall serve as an invoice in any transaction where a contract is involved.

A completed purchase order is required before any contract can be reviewed or signed.

Form of Contracts. The Student Senate uses the contract template(s) of the University of Maine System.

Signing of Contracts. Before a contract can be signed by any party, it must be reviewed by the University-approved contract agent assigned to work with the Student Senate; this individual, at their own discretion, may refer these contracts to University counsel. All contracts require the following signatures:

  1. University-approved contract agent
  2. Authorized signature of the contracting entity
  3. Vendor.

Vendor-Supplied Contracts. No contract supplied by the Vendor can be signed by a Student Senate entity or group until it has been reviewed and signed by a University contract agent.

In order to be compensated for out-of-pocket expenses, a purchase order must be approved for the expense prior to the expenditure. Violation of this policy relieves the SGA any responsibility for compensation.

Groups failing to abide by these financial procedures are subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, the suspension of access to group funds, officer’s loss of right to sign purchase orders, a fee, and/or referral to the Violations Inquiry Committee for further recommendation.

Purchase Orders. The signatures required on a purchase order shall be as follows: Authorized Group Signature, Authorized Board Chair, and Authorized Coordinator of Student Organization Operations and Support. Purchase order signers may be required to complete an orientation process (i.e Student Organization Officer Training) at the discretion of the Student Senate.

Backup Signers. The Student Senate Chair and Student Body President may act as authorized backup signatures on any line of any purchase order provided that they have not previously signed the same purchase order.

Checks. Checks shall be signed by two of the following individuals: Student Senate Vice-Chair, Student Senate Parliamentarian, Student Senate Clerk, Student Body President, and the Student Body Vice-President

Restrictions: A person may not sign both a purchase order and a check.  No individual may sign a purchase order or check for more than one field.