Student Government Association

Office of the Treasurer Student Activity Fee Policies

Article Six - Student Activity Fee

Use. The Student Senate shall act to ensure that the Student Activity Fee money is disbursed in an ethical, equitable manner and that all relevant rules and regulations are observed.

Access to Money. All entities and groups funded by the Student Activity Fee must be open to all undergraduate students taking at least one undergraduate credit on the Portland or Gorham campus. The inclusion of students in any event, competition, or trip shall not be subject to any tryouts, auditions, or other means of qualification.

Prohibited Purchases. Student Activity Fee money may not be used for gambling, to purchase alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or anything illegal.

Prohibited Uses. The Student Activity Fee may not be used to support the activities of an academic class or University administrative functions.  Student Activity Fee money also may not be given to organizations outside of the Student Senate that are involved in lobbying efforts. This includes the payment of dues or membership to the aforementioned prohibited organizations.  The direct cost of bringing a speaker to the University or attending a conference would not be prohibited under this provision. The Student Activity Fee may not be used by non-students, or those not paying a Student Activity Fee.

All Violations of this Statement of Policy shall be referred to the Violations Inquiry Committee or the University of Southern Maine Office of Community Standards dependent upon the status of the individual/group in question.  All money used in violation of this policy must be reimbursed to the Student Government Association Business office in a timely manner to avoid having the matter referred to University Counsel for civil litigation and recovery.