Maine-Wabanaki REACH Presents: "Decolonizing Casco Bay" Convocation Events

February 13, 2018 to February 27, 2018
USM, Portland Campus, Glickman Library University Events Room, 7th floor
Free and open to the public

Assistant Professor of Sociology, David Everson, will be leading the following three Convocation Events:

2/13: Exploring Maine/Wabanaki History--

Exploring Maine/Wabanaki History is an interactive story-telling experience designed to increase our understanding of colonization. We will learn about events in the colonizing history of Wabanaki people (the Indigenous people of Maine) and Europeans and their descendants. This is a participatory program appropriate for students, faculty, and staff. (Limited to 40 non-student participants—to register


2/20: Maine-Wabanaki REACH Presentation--REACH presentation provides an opportunity for non-native people to learn about the shared history between native and non-native people, the present day impacts on Wabanaki communities, and what actions we can take in response to harms that have been done. This presentation will also provide information about what led to the Maine Wabanaki-State Child Welfare Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a summary of the Commission's findings, and a description of what is happening to implement the Commission's recommendations.


2/27: DecolonizAction!: What does decolonization mean for you? How do we understand decolonization in this country in the context of the strategies and impacts of colonization? Using a circle process, we will hear one another's thoughts about decolonization. What does decolonization look like and how do we move toward it - in our hearts, within USM, and in the larger community within which we live?

Contact Information

David Everson