Department of Sociology

Rolf Diamon

Lecturer in Sociology and Major Advising Coordinator


120 Bedford Street, Portland Campus

Office Hours Summer 2015

By appointment

Contact Information

Phone: 780-4758

Dr. Diamon has been with the Sociology Department as a full time lecturer since 2003.  However, his involvement with the Department dates back to 1977-78 when he was hired to replace a faculty member on sabbatical.   Rolf also had several fixed-length lecturer positions with the Department between 1993 and 2003.

Rolf regularly teaches Introduction to Sociology and Critical Thinking About Social Issues as well as an Entry Year Experience course, EYE 102 Cultural Perspectives of Sustainability.  His repetoire of sociology electives include SOC 333 Medical Sociology, SOC 334 Sociology of Religion, SOC 370 Sociology of the Environment and SOC 374 Mental Health and Mental Illness.  In addition, he occasionally offers a section of SOC 301, Qualitative Research Methods.

Rolf has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with students and colleagues.