Professor Don Anspach Passes Away

Professor Donald Anspach passed away on April 30, 2020. He taught sociology at the University of Southern Maine for over 35 years. Professor Anspach’s research on sentencing reform served as the basis for Maine’s first Drug Court and provided an option for people with substance use disorders to participate in treatment instead of imprisonment. Don also served as the Director of the Soup Kitchen at St. Luke’s for over 20 years, and helped to centralize meal services for homeless people in the community under the umbrella of Preble Street Resource Center Soup Kitchen. As Mark Swann of Preble Street observes, “Don was the real deal. He would be the first person to roll up his sleeves and work towards social and economic justice. He did that, in part, by working to alleviate hunger in the Greater Portland Community. He did so with good humor, a can-do attitude, and a constant and compassionate focus on the people who needed a little help.”


His full obituary is available here: