Special Education

Gifted and Talented Education

There are two ways to pursue Gifted and Talented Education. These programs are open to teachers who have attained professional certification.

1. As an area of expertise within the M.S. in Special Education, inservice concentration.

The In-service concentration has an area of expertise in Gifted and Talented (G/T). It is designed for educators who want to focus study on students who are gifted and talented.  This course of study requires 18 credits in G/T courses which can also be applied to the State for the Gifted and Talented endorsement. The remaining 9 credits are open for electives, of which 6 credits can be filled with additional Gifted and Talented courses offered through USM’s Professional Development Center or the student may branch out and support other areas of interest. All courses must be graduate level. They can be taken from any graduate department at USM or through the Professional Development Center at USM with prior approval by the advisor. The Master’s completion courses are a 3 credit capstone and a 3 credit research methods prerequisite. The master's is a total of 33 credits.

2. As a Certificate of Graduate Study (post-bachelor)

This certificate is a subset of courses from the Special Education program, especially designed for educators who are interested in working with students who have gifts and talents, either in general education classrooms or in special resource programs. After completing the Gifted and Talented certificate, educators can apply through the state for an endorsement in Gifted and Talented Education.  All gifted and talented courses are taught on a two-year rotation cycle, which can be found on the Special Education website.The CGS is a total of 12 credits.