Special Education

Julie Alexandrin

Associate Professor and Coordinator of Special Education, Chair of Teaching and Learning Department

Office Location

221 Bailey Hall and 8 Bailey Hall


(207) 228-8320

Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, University of Connecticut
  • M.A. in Rehabilitative Psychology, University of Connecticut


Dr. Alexandrin is an Associate Professor and Coordinator of Special Education. Dr. Alexandrin started her career as a learning disability teacher in a public middle school, followed by planning and implementing a completely inclusive program at the same middle school. After her work in a public school, she worked as a special education teacher in a school for students with moderate-to-severe emotional and behavioral disabilities. Her last position working directly with students was as a designer and service provider in a completely community based middle and high school program for students with moderate-to-severe disabilities. To stay current with what is happening in schools, Dr. Alexandrin is a co-leader of the Civil Rights Team at Gorham Middle School, which works to create a safe and welcoming environment for all at the middle school.

Dr. Alexandrin came to USM in 2007 to create a professional program for educators who work with youth who are gifted and talented and/or have disabilities. This work resulted in the Abilities and Disabilities Studies program, created in 2008, with concentrations in gifted and talented, special education and Teaching ALL Students, with an emphasis in Universal Design and working with students with a disability who are gifted and talented, and/or who are English Language Learners. In addition, Dr. Alexandrin came to USM to start a research agenda, which includes a national study on disclosure of hidden disabilities at the postsecondary level, and accommodation for students with disabilities.




Areas of Expertise

  • Special Education
  • Diversity Education
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Online Learning.

Research Interests

Dr. Alexandrin’s consulting and teaching addresses stereotyping and biases within all setting and creating safe learning and interaction environments for all. Her research focus is on stigmas and stereotyping of people with hidden disabilities, especially the issue of disclosure of hidden disabilities at the post secondary level.

Areas of Scholarship

Scholarship of Education, especially Universal Design for Learning, and online learning.

Recent Publications

  • Alexandrin, J. (2015, November 8). Full-time day care won't ease poorer youth's achievement gap. Maine Sunday Telegram, p. D2.
  • Alexandrin, J & Schreiber, I.L. (2009). People First! Mental Illnesses. Iowa: Kendall Hunt.