Strategic Planning Process

2011-2012 Task Team Members

The work of the 2011-12 Task Teams is now complete.
Links to each Team's "Matrix" of activity findings linked below.

Goal 1: Serving the needs and aspirations of 21st Century Maine

Glenn Wilson, Co-chair
Monroe Duboise, Co-chair
Katherine Greenleaf, SPSC Liaison
Rita Heimes, Law School
David Nutty, Library Administration
Jan Piribeck, Art Department
Susan Nevins, Professional & Continuing Education
Julien Murphy, Philosophy Department
TJ Williams, Student Government

2011-2012 TT1 Matrix

Goal 2: Making Student Success a core university priority

Craig Hutchinson, Chair
Adam Tuchinsky, SPSC Liaison
Susan Campbell, Division of Student Success
Alice Cash, School of Business
Paul Dexter, Learning Commons
Bonnie Stearns, College of Science, Technology, and Health
Andrea Thompson-McCall, Community Service Learning
Jason Saucier, Student Life
Joy Pufhal, Student and University Life
Bob Caswell, Office of Public Affairs
Stacy Calderwood, Professional and Continuing Education

2011-2012 TT2 Matrix


Goal 3: Providing distinctive graduate and professional education

Bob Kuech, Chair
Roxie Black, SPSC Liaison
Jim Curry, Professional Education
Jeanette Andonian, Social Work


Goal 4: Supporting faculty research, scholarship, and creative activity

Samantha Langley-Turnbaugh, Chair
Jeannine Uzzi, SPSC Liaison
Glenn Wilson, Technology Department
Bonnie Farmer, School of Nursing
Mark Steege, Professional Educations
Susan Chinn, Business Administration
Kim Grant, Art Department
James Messerschmidt, Criminology Department
Benjamin Bertram, English Department
Elizabeth Turesky, LAC Academic Programs
Carol Nemeroff, LAC Academic Programs
Jennifer Wriggins, Law School
Ross Hickey, Office of Research Integrity and Outreach
Larry Waxler, Sponsored Programs
Terry Shehata, Institutional & Research Grant Development


Goal 5: Ensuring the university's fiscal sustainability

Janet Warnert, Chair
Nancy Artz, SPSC Liaison
Cherie Tate, Professional & Continuing Education
Amy Blaisdell, VP-Administration
Marty Berry, VP- Administration
Vicki LaQuerre, University Advancement
Carol O'Donnell, Provost's Office
Pat Davis, Institutional Research & Assessment
Holly Letarte, USM Student

2011-2012 TT5 Matrix


Goal 6: Furthering the university's commitment to diversity

Wendy Chapkis, Co-chair
Susan Evans, Co-chair
Jerry Long, USM Student
Rachel Morales, Undergraduate Admissions
Lisa Sweet, Graduate Admissions
Karen Zukerman, School of Nursing

2011-2012 TT6 Matrix


Goal 7: Strengthening community

Amy Gieseke, Co-chair
Ross Hickey, Co-chair
David Nutty, SPSC Liaison
Chris O'Connor, Student Life
Pete Gillis, Database Application & Support
Sydney Pontau, Graduate Student
Rebecca Silverman, Graduate Studies
Casey Webster, Office of Research Integrity and Outreach

2011-2012 TT7 Matrix


Goal 8: Deploying USM's physical plant in support of the university's mission

Bob Bertram, Co-chair
Bill Wells, Co-chair
John Burgess, SPSC Liaison
Nancy Austin, Telecommunications
Angela Cook, ITMS
Dan Gearan, Facilities Management
Dana Gray, Facilities Management
Stephen Houser, Database Application & Support
Tyler Kidder, Facilities Management
Gary Stephenson, Residential Life

2011-2012 TT8 Matrix