Strategic Planning Process

Regional Initiatives

Current and On-going Regional Initiatives

  • The Economic Development Vision and Plan for the City of Portland - City of Portland
    This vision and plan provides a roadmap for success in Portland’s future economic development. It draws on the previous and current work of the City, its citizens, businesses, and stakeholders. The vision and plan was accomplished through a collaboration of the City of Portland, Portland Community Chamber, and the Creative Portland Corporation. To guide the process and compile the results, the City and Chamber engaged the Economic Development Plan Task Force. Rather than recreate the many recent efforts regarding components of the City’s economic development, this plan draws from several recent reports that provide information relating to the economic development process. The plan is also based on input obtained through outreach to citizens, workers, and stakeholders through a coordinated social media strategy including a project web page, Facebook page, and Twitter updates. Finally, it incorporates input received through outreach meetings and presentations. Using information gathered from these resources, an economic development vision and strategy has been developed that consists of the following components: Guiding Principles + Vision Statements, Goal Statements and Implementation Strategies
  • 2011 Portland Economic Scorecard - Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce
    Provides a means for measuring the progress of Portland and the Portland Region at growing the local and regional economy. This second annual effort emerged from the 2007 report, Looking Out for Portland and Beyond, which provided an in-depth assessment of Portland’s local and regional economic performance. That effort resulted in a call for annual benchmarking of progress to inform business and community leaders in strategy and policy development to support economic growth. The Scorecard presents thirty-two indicators that measure local and regional economic growth. These indicators represent a mix of measures that are directly related to economic outcomes such as employment, income, and earnings, as well as indictors that are secondarily related to economic outcomes such as education attainment and affordability. The City of Portland and the Portland region are measured against reference cities and regions to gauge performance.
  • 2007 Looking out for Portland and the Region - Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce
    The Portland Community Chamber’s inaugural report, Looking Out for Portland and the Region 2007, delivers an important view of current opportunities and challenges for our city and our region. Portland is a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. With the waterfront just steps away, vibrant downtown shopping, arts and restaurant districts, superior educational institutions such as the University of Southern Maine and Southern Maine Community College, and active neighborhoods throughout the city, we are very fortunate to call Portland home. While Portland is a great place, we need to know how Portland is doing in order to sustain our strengths, and avoid trouble. While a great deal of information is available on the Maine economy, very little data has been compiled that is specific to Portland and the Portland region.  This report tries to fill that gap.