Strategic Planning Process

Strategic Plan Steering Committee

The Strategic Plan Steering Committee will work to advance the strategic plan, Preparing USM for the Future, 2009-2014, as it approaches its mid-way point, deepening the work it has begun while making appropriate mid-point course corrections.

Committee members will use data to inform and assess the direction of the work. In addition, they will reach out to other members of the USM community to advance the activities associated with the original document or developed in accordance with more recent thinking on the 21st-century university.

- USM President Selma Botman

2011-2012 Steering Committee Members

Nancy Artz, Business Administration
Roxie Black, LAC Academic Programs
Chris Camire / John Burgess, Student Senate
Katherine Greenleaf, Chief Operating Office
Monique LaRocque,  Co-chair of SPP, Professional & Continuing Education
David Nutty, Library Administration
Judith Ryan, Human Resources
Robert Sanford, Co-Chair of SPP, Enviromental Science & Policy
Susan Sepples, School of Nursing
James Smith, Engineering
Adam Tuchinsky, History
Jeannine Uzzi, Modern & Classical Language & Literature
Mike Watson, Strategic Steering Plan
Glenn Wilson, Department of Technology