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Alumna Alexandra Oliver Discusses Finding Community as a Canadian in Glasgow

“You Need To Take Everyone In”:

Alexandra Oliver on Finding Community as a Canadian in Glasgow

by Jess Taylor of the Town Crier

Alexandra Oliver understands people. As a poet and author of Meeting the Tormentors in Safeway, she’s developed a keen ear for other voices and represents people from all walks of life: the preschooler, the old man, the rebel, or even strangers in the laundromat. Her poems often take the form of monologues, such as in “The Preschool Mothers Anticipate” capturing the reader with the everyday voice and warmth of her speaker, while still adhering to the skillful application of strict formalism that has made her work well-respected. Other times, Oliver’s speaker describes her subjects with an ironic distance, taking an almost voyeuristic perspective, but still allowing the reader to peek into the daily lives of others transformed by the whimsy of her imagination.

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