Stonecoast MFA in Creative Writing

First Semester Student Robin Clifford Wood Writes about Stonecoast for the Bangor Daily News.

photo and article by Robin Clifford Wood

On July 13, two days into a 10-day residency for the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast Master of Fine Arts program, I scrawled a few lines in my journal before falling into bed in a stupor:

“My head is spinning, I’m exhausted, and I am in bliss.”

I assumed that my state of mind was due to my having reached an age where school and homework are mere shadows of the distant past. My mental musculature for lectures, class discussions and paper writing has atrophied after years of contented life as a cranial couch potato. No wonder these 13-hour days of continuous brain demand were freaking me out.

It was reassuring to discover that I was not alone. There is something transformative about Stonecoast at any age.

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