Stonecoast MFA in Creative Writing

A Letter from the Alumni President

Greetings to all in the Stonecoast community. This year Stonecoast celebrated its tenth anniversary, a milestone that marks both programmatic achievements and the innumerable accomplishments by our faculty and alumni.  AWP Boston was the highlight of the winter and Stonecoast had a strong presence at this event, including sponsorship of AWP, a book-selling booth, panels written and/or moderated by alumni and book launches. 

And the SCAA has been busy planning and supporting these, and other, events through regional networking, the Stonecoast community blog, genre blogs and readings sponsored by Stonecoast alums in different areas of the country.  Erin Underwood launched a promotional project in the weeks leading up to AWP Boston with an invitation to all alumni to create a profile page to be printed and displayed in a binder at our AWP booth.  This is just one of the activities the SCAA is doing to increase the visibility of Stonecoast alums and promote their creative work. 

One of the newer initiatives at Stonecoast is the Writing for Social Justice project, which aims to support and promote literary activities by Stonecoast faculty and alums that directly engage the larger community in issues of social justice.  This initiative includes everything from writing a rap poem about violence against women to publishing creative non-fiction essays about institutionalized racism or news headlines.  If you are engaged in this work, please contact Elizabeth Searle, who has agreed to coordinate the tracking of such activities and events. She recently did a blog post about this initiative which you can read here:

Do you have a publication coming out?  Let Robert Stutts know, so that he can list this in our Stonecoast newsletter.  You can email him at Remember, we can’t recognize your achievements or help promote your professional activities if we don’t know about them.  Stay in touch. 

And speaking of staying in touch, with the SCAA board elections in July we gained some new board members.  One of our priorities this cycle is to improve connectivity among all alums and to this end, Michael Joy, board director, has offered to take over the alumni database.  We are working to increase the list and the best way to do this is for you, the alumni, to contact him with your current contact data. For technical reasons, your USM email address is no longer valid once you have graduated. 

Here is the present SCAA board line-up.  We are here for you.  If you have suggestions, questions, comments or complaints please send them along.  AWP is being held in Seattle this coming year.  I encourage those of you in attendance to get together for a visit, a libation or maybe even a reading!  And remember, if you are in the south, or the midwest or the west coast please consider organizing a reading with your fellow Stonecoasters.  We are working on providing regional contact data to all alumni to facilitate networking.

I’m looking forward to meeting with as many alumni as possible during my tenure, and continuing the excellent work of the past SCAA boards. 


President: Mihku Paul S'10 (F)

Vice President: Mike Langworthy W'11 (CNF) July 2013-July 2014 *special 1 yr. term to fill vacancy

Treasurer: position is unfilled at the moment due to the Maine residency requirement. The board will look into possible candidates and hold an on-line election for this position at the earliest possible date.

Secretary: Jessica DeKoninck (P) July 2012-July 2014

Director: Michael Joy S'13 (PF) July 20-13-July 2015

Director: Kathleen Saville W'13 July 2013-July 2015

Director: Patricia Barletta W'12 (PF) July 2013-July 2015

Director: Adam K. Gallardo S'12 (PF) July 2012-July 2014

Director: Mike Langworthy W'11 (CNF) July 2013-July 2014

Director: Andy Wales *special 1 yr. term to fill vacancy

Amy Martin **co-signatory to Treasurer (Maine resident)









Mike mikelangworthy4@GMAIL.COM